February 2019 Korean Drama Releases: “Touch Your Heart”, “Item”, “Haechi”, “The Light In Your Eyes” & More!

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Check out what K-drama is coming your way next in February 2019 that will surely satisfy your craving.

The first month of the New Year is coming to a close. It has been a fruitful January in K-drama land as we were blessed with dramas of different genres.

A number of dramas which were part of the first batch of January 2019 releases have bid us farewell. But there are also those which are included in the second wave that boast of excellent writing and great characterizations.

Seasoned and popular actors are set to dominate February 2019 Korean dramas. The roster also offers a variety of themes such as legal, crime investigation, supernatural, thriller, fantasy, comedy and romance.

Below are the dramas that are currently airing, and will soon conclude in a month or two.

(Note: Daily dramas not included)


My Lawyer Mr. Jo 2 (KBS2)

Less Than Evil (MBC)

My Strange Hero (SBS)

The Crowned Clown (tvN)

Clean With Passion For Now (jTBC)

January 2019 Dramas.


Liver or Die (KBS2)

The Last Empress (SBS)

Spring Turns to Spring (MBC)


Sky Castle (jTBC)

January 2019 Dramas


A Promise to the Gods (MBC)

Fates and Furies (SBS)

Babel (TV Chosun)

Here is the anticipated lineup of February 2019 Korean Dramas to be added to your K-drama binge-list.


Kicking off the love month is the highly anticipated reunion project of stars Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na. Touch Your Heart tells the story of a perfectionist lawyer and an actress. After a scandal that ruins her career, Oh Yeon Soo (Yoo In Na) tries to regain it. To do so, she works as a secretary in the law firm of Kwon Jung Rok (Lee Dong Wook). The meeting and interactions between two characters, who are extreme opposites, promise a hilarious and entertaining drama to watch.

PD Park Jung Hwa, who directed hits such as Because This is My First Life and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is at the helm of this romantic-comedy drama.

Touch Your Heart airs on tvN on February 6 and tvN Asia on February 7.



Based on the webtoon of the same title, Item is set to explore the secrets and conspiracies surrounding objects imbibing special powers.

Penned by the writer of OCN’s 2017 thriller series Save Me and helmed by co-director of Goodbye Mr. Black, MBC’s new drama aims to depict a riveting tale, which ties up the connected fortunes of the main leads to the mystic objects that will be incorporated in the narrative.

Ju Ji Hoon takes the role of Prosecutor Kang Gon, who plunges in the mysteries of the mystic objects in order to save his beloved nephew.

Jin Se Yun portrays a police profiler, who works together with Ju to unravel the enigmatic “items” they are set to encounter.

This new MBC fantasy drama has now set its first broadcast on February 11.


Love in Sadness

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Ji Hyun Woo, Park Han Byul, Ryu Soo Young and Wang Bit Na completes the cast of this Saturday melodrama. The story is about people who are searching for second chances and true love. Ji Hyun Woo portrays Seo Jung Won, a plastic surgeon who falls in love with a married woman. Yoon Ma Ri (Park Han Byul) is an artist, who marries a wealthy man, Kang In Wook (Ryu Soo Young).

Her life as a chaebol’s wife seems perfect on the outside and people envy her. Her husband’s violence and obsession prompt her to escape her miserable life and marriage.

Seo Jung Won and Yoon Ma Ri meet, and true love is awakened. Choi Yi Sub (Miss Ripley, Working Mom Parenting Daddy) and Yoo Beom Sang are in charge of the direction while Song Jung Rim writes the script.

Love in Sadness will air on MBC on February 23 after A Promise to the Gods concludes.



This Jung Il Woo starrer is his fourth period drama after The Return of Iljimae, Moon Embracing the Sun, and The Nightwatchman’s Journal. Suiting up for another prince role (his third), Jung is set to portray Prince Lee Geum, an innate genius who chooses to live a life of noble existence. Meanwhile, Kwon takes the role of Park Moon Soo, a pursuer of justice, with Go transforming to another charming portrayal of her character Yeo Ji.

In Korean history, Prince Lee Geum is the son of King Sukjong and Consort Choi, who became the future King Yeongjo.

At the helm of the production is Director Lee Yong Suk of Iljimae and The Village fame.

Haechi will air via SBS on February 11.


Big Issue takes the story of Ji Soo Hyun (portrayed by Han Ye Seul), a smart editor with incredible connections that she use to spawn talk-of-the-town celebrity gossips. Although she once dreamed of becoming an honest reporter who does responsible journalism, she succumbs to being a paparazzi since telling the truth as a reporter does not make her powerful. Joo Jin Moo (Bad Guys: City of Evil) joins Han Ye Seul as he portrays the role of a famous photo journalist from a big national paper. However, life problems get in the way, so he starts working for the paparazzi publication led by Han’s character.

Backing up Big Issue is PD Lee Dong Hoon, who worked as director and producer for dramas That Winter The Wind Blows, Protect the Boss, and City Hunter. Penning the series is Jang Hyuk Rin, who wrote recent exciting thrillers The K2, Yong Pal, and Reset.

This drama eyes a broadcast date in February, taking over the time slot of The Last Empress.


The Hot Blooded Priest

SBS’s comedy crime drama Hot Blooded Priest is about a hot-headed priest and a fool detective who get involved in a murder investigation. Kim Nam Gil takes on the role of Kim Hae Il, a rude talking priest who beats bad guys. Kim Sung Kyun plays Koo Dae Young. Rounding up the cast is Lee Ha Nee, who portrays Park Kyung Sun, a beautiful, smart and ambitious prosecutor.

PD Lee Myung Woo (Punch, Whisper) directs Hot Blooded Priest and writer Park Jae Bum (Good Doctor, Chief Kim) pens the script.

Hot Blooded Priest premieres on February 15 in SBS.



Headlined by Lee Seo Jin – who will portray the role of a veteran anchor Kang Woo Hyun. He has lived a perfect life until a tragic situation befalls him. Kang Woo Hyun is a character well-loved by the nation. He is already scheduled to enter politics – when something unexpected happens to him. Kong Do Kook (Sung Dong Il) will be the detective who takes on the anchor’s case.

Under the direction of Park Shin Woo, Trap, penned by Nam Sang Wook will premiere in OCN on February 9.



OCN, the network that seems to master the art of scaring its viewers (in a good way), has another drama with a supernatural thriller genre. Possessed follows the story of Kang Pil Sung (Song Sae Byeok), a laid-back and crude detective with a gentle heart and excellent crime-solving skills. He meets Hong Seo Jung (Koh Joon Hee), a medium who has been trying so hard to hide her psychic ability. Together, they solve crimes committed by spirits possessing people.

Director Choi Do Hoon and writer Park Hee Kang team up to lead the production. Possessed airs in OCN on February 13.



Taking the premise of the 2012 Japanese drama, it revolves around two completely opposite lawyers who team up to take on various cases together.

Jin Goo will bring the character of Go Tae Rim to life. Despite his sharp tongue and arrogance, he is a lawyer with a hundred percent success rate. He believes that the purpose of taking on cases is to win, and losing would equate to giving up his status, both as a lawyer and as a human being.

Meanwhile, Seo Eun Soo takes the role of Seo Jae In, who is a firm believer of justice despite not exactly being one to have the highest marks in her class. Despite her desire to be a just and fair lawyer who helps people in need, she gives in – to the reality of the societal mentality of perceiving a lawyer who can’t win – is deemed useless. Due to this, she teams up with Go Tae Rim, putting everything, including her beliefs, on the line.

jTBC’s Legal High will have its first broadcast on February 8.



This fantasy-romance drama is about a woman named Kim Hye Ja. Han Ji Min portrays the bright and positive heroine whose life changes when she suddenly turns into a 70-year-old woman. While veteran actress Kim Hye Ja (who has the same name as her character!) takes the old Hye Ja character. She has the ability to control time. Starring alongside these actresses is Nam Joo Hyuk, who takes on the role of an ambitious reporter, and Son Ho Jun, who plays the latter character’s older brother.

The Light in Your Eyes takes over the Monday & Tuesday slot of jTBC on February 11 after Clean With Passion For Now.

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