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“My Mister” Signals Inspiring Tones To Battle Life’s Frustrations

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There’s something resonating about the mood and character sketches of tvN’s newest offering, My Mister!

Amidst the reality biting premise, My Mister lives up to the expectation on the creative minds working behind along with the popular actors cast in the TV series.

My Mister

Orchestrated by celebrated director Kim Won Suk (Misaeng, Signal, Monstar, Sungkyunkwan Scandal), his perceptive helming is seamless in following the right emotional bends that makes the story’s message lingering. Known for her superb creation of strong heroine characters, writer Park Hae Young (Another Oh Hae Young) is up to bring out a different side of soloist-actress Lee Ji Eun (IU) in a leading role different from her usual bright colors.

Official photos for the main leads were released on Mar 20 via social media, revealing the anticipated character pictures that will delve on the pursuit of happiness for urbanites living in painstaking situations.

Billed as a healing drama, My Mister is set to introduce the lives of three brothers, and a woman who courageously lives an embattled existence.

Lee Sun Gyun (Pasta) plays the role of a man in his 40’s trying to stay afloat against the harsh realities which life keeps throwing at him. Lee Ji Eun (Scarlet Heart Ryeo) dons a cold and rough persona with defiant eyes seemingly to be on the brink of tears.

my mister

Park Ho San (Prison Playbook) beams in his picture as an optimistic man, who enjoys little happy moments of his difficult life. Song Jae Byuk, the youngest brother of the hero, dreams of living a comfortable and dignified life. In addition, actors Lee Ji Ah and Jang Ki Young (Go Back Couple) are set to play the key roles in the narrative.

The production team expressed confidence, and prepared a special 90-minute premiere broadcast for the audience to fully immerse in the amazing characters who will spin the story. With a solid actor lineup and a superb production crew, My Mister is anticipated to bring another well-made drama which will be loved and thought fondly of by the viewers.

My Mister is set to premiere at TVN on March 21 and 22!

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