October 2020 K-Pop Comeback Lineup: BLACKPINK, VERIVERY, PENTAGON, LOONA, And More!

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There will be no shortage of excitement this month as a wave of K-pop comebacks is slated for an October date, just ahead of award season in December!

This October may be the busiest month 2020 has seen all year for K-pop comebacks, and marks the last month of eligibility for many awards in the K-pop industry. Just ahead of the award season in December, many groups are making their awaited returns with new albums and refreshing concepts!


Four years after their debut, international sensation BLACKPINK will release their first full album. Simply titled, THE ALBUM, the project denotes a cornerstone in their career. While known for their hit pop singles such as “How You Like That” and their recent collaboration with Selena Gomez titled, “Ice Cream”, the album is a significant moment that will add to their musical identity.

THE ALBUM releases October 2.


Ailee unveils a romantic concept for her upcoming fifth mini-album, I’m. Known for her powerful voice and heart-wrenching lyrics, many fans are excited about her new project. Its title track, When We Were In Love, coupled with her dreamy teaser photo, has many anticipating another sensational piece of work.

I’m releases October 6.

Golden Child

Golden Child has had a busy year! Following two comebacks, the group will release their third with the single album called Pump It Up. The group has been receiving more support than ever, impressing many with their various concepts. Moreover, their appearance on the competition show Road To Kingdom has many fans keenly waiting for more music from the group.

Pump It Up releases October 7.


NU’EST will make their exciting return with a full Japanese album, the first in five years. The album will contain 14 exciting tracks in total. Moreover, it will feature the Japanese original song “DRIVE”.

DRIVE releases October 7.


WJSN will comeback with a unit debut. Members Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum and Dayoung form WJSN CHOCOME. The members tease a sweet single album with their dessert-themed concept photos, leaving many fans eagerly awaiting the unit’s project.

Hmph! releases October 7.

Weki Meki

Weki Meki will return this month with their fourth mini-album titled NEW RULES. Their edgier concept images have many looking forward to seeing the new sides the group may unveil with this comeback. Additionally, their concept film intrigues viewers, showcasing the members in grunge outfits against a contrasting background of more whimsical, carnival-like music.

NEW RULES releases October 8.

MONSTA X Joohoney

MONSTA X’s Joohoney gave Monbebes one of the best surprises! The rapper made the revelation that fans were eagerly waiting for. Joohoney announced on the group’s official SNS that he is all set to drop his highly anticipated mixtape on October 9.



DAWN excites with his return this month. The soloist will deliver his first mini-album, titled by the song “DAWNDIDIDAWN”. Notably, the project includes a collaboration with fellow PNATION label-mate, Jessi, increasing anticipation for his upcoming comeback.

DAWNDIDIDAWN releases October 9.


PENTAGON makes an impressive comeback with their tenth mini-album. Expectations are high for WE:TH, as the group is known for their participation in their music production. Moreover, this will be the first project since member Yanan returned to schedules following a hiatus due to health problems. Fans are eager to hear what PENTAGON has in store.

WE:TH releases October 12.

NCT 2020

NCT will make a grand comeback with their unit debut of NCT 2020. The group includes the members of NCT units NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV. Moreover, the unit will also include two new members named Shotaro and Sungchan. This will be NCT’s comeback as a whole team since the release of Empathy in 2018.

NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1 releases October 12.


Weeekly is back this month with their second mini-album. The girl group only recently debuted in May 2020 and is Play M Entertainment’s first girl group since Apink debuted nine years ago. Their cheerful concept images tease a bright concept for their upcoming release.

We Can releases October 13.


VERIVERY teases an intriguing comeback in store for fans. Their fifth mini-album FACE US is a continuation of their “FACE it” series, which explores the ways in which innovation can provide comfort and empathy to people. Their newest album is expected to continue the themes and the worldview that the group explored since the beginning of the “FACE it” series.

FACE US releases October 13.


GFRIEND will come back this month by releasing Japanese singles consecutively. The singles are called 回:LABYRINTH- Crossroads and 回:Song of the Sirens. 回:LABYRINTH- Crossroads contains the Japanese versions of tracks “Labyrinth” and “Crossroads”. 回:Song of the Sirens will feature the Japanese versions of “Apple” and “Tarot Cards” from their latest mini-album released in July.

回:LABYRINTH- Crossroads releases October 14. 回:Song of the Sirens releases October 21.


LOONA thrilled fans with the news of their third mini album releasing this month. Titled, 12:00, the project will include eight tracks in total. The girl group has continually shown their diverse talents, and gathered a tremendous amount of global support, raising expectations for their upcoming release.

12:00 releases October 19.


After three years of being on hiatus, B1A4 confirmed that they will be making their comeback with the three members; CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan, as a full group. Since the release of Rollin in September 2017, B1A4’s upcoming album is drawing more attention than ever. This new era marks as their comeback with three members, following Baro and Jinyoung‘s departure from the agency.

B1A4 will have their comeback on October 19.


IZ*ONE will release their very first Japanese album titled Twelve. The music video teaser for title track, “Beware”, gives a glimpse at a more colorful, bright concept for the girl group following their fantastical comeback with “Secret Story of the Swan”.

Twelve releases October 21.


TXT makes their highly awaited comeback with minisode1: Blue Hour. This marks the group’s second Korean release this year and will continue their youth narrative launched since debut. Based on teasers released so far which are inspired by retro video games, fans can expect a bright and fun release in contrast to their past darker album released this year.

minisode1: Blue Hour releases October 26.


Leading girl group TWICE is set to comeback this month, making the announcement through their scheduler, TWICE of October. Fans are thrilled by the news as this marks their second full album release. Moreover, their comeback promotions occur right after a week of celebrations for their fifth anniversary following their debut in 2015.

TWICE’s second full album releases October 26.

Super Junior

The unit K.R.Y from Super Junior will release a Japanese single called “Traveler”. The group recently shined in their VLIVE concert held for fans during August. The group continues their efforts to meet fans with their newest Japanese release.

“Traveler” releases October 28.

Difficulty in keeping track? Here’s a timeline:

October 6 — Blackpink returns with album THE ALBUM

October 6 — Ailee returns with album I’m

October 7 — Golden Child returns with single album Pump It Up

October 7 — NU’EST returns with Japanese album Drive

October 7 — WJSN returns with unit single album Hmph!

October 8 — Weki Meki returns with album NEW RULES

October 9 — MONSTA X Joohoney returns with 2nd mixtape PSYCHE

October 9 — DAWN returns with mini-album DAWNDIDIDAWN

October 12 — PENTAGON returns with mini-album WE:TH

October 12 — NCT returns with unit album NCT 2020: RESONANCE Pt. 1

October 13 — Weeekly returns with album We can

October 13 — VERIVERY returns with album FACE US

October 14 — GFRIEND returns with single “回:LABYRINTH- Crossroads”

October 19 — LOONA returns with mini-album 12:00

October 19 –B1A4 comes back in brand new look with CNU, Sandeul and Gongchan.

October 21 — IZ*ONE returns with Japanese album Twelve

October 21 — GFRIEND returns with single “回:Song of the Sirens”

October 26 — TXT returns with album Minisode 1: Blue Hour

October 28 — Super Junior returns with unit Japanese single “Traveler”

October 26 — TWICE returns with album, name TBD.

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