Park Bo Gum Celebrates His First Acting Award In “Record of Youth” Episode 9

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Record of Youth episode 9 culminates Hye Jun’s hard-earned success as he won the Best Actor award!

Hye Jun’s skyrocketing fame is not an overnight success. Now that his career is quite on a steady state condition, people starts getting envious of his victory.

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Episode 9 Recap

The reason Jeong Ha hates rain

Continuing the previous episode where Jeong Ha and Hye Jun danced in the rain, we get reminded by Jeong Ha’s past. Flashing her younger years on one rainy day, Jeong Ha is waiting for her parents to pick her up at school.

Without no one to rely on, she grew up hating the rainy days because it makes her feel lonely. In the background, she narrated, ““To a young child, an umbrella on a rainy day signifies an adult’s protection. As an adult, I never expected anyone to offer their umbrella.”

Forcing to quickly grow up like an adult at the age of nine, Jeong Ha confessed that with love, she is a child.

Lowkey “Let’s be friends”

Going to the drama set, Do Ha asks about the grand buffet meal Hae Hyo’s mother sent for everyone. Then he said stiffly that she is unstoppable when it comes to things like that.

Showing his desire to be friends with Hae-hyo, Do Ha shares that he pushes Hae-hyo to be the second lead because he wanted to get closer with him. He reveals he likes the fact that he is rich, and then he shares that he came from a poor background.

Looking unbothered with the sympathy given by Hae-hyo, Do Ha admits that he is now satisfied with his fame and wealth, though he doesn’t have friends. Then he continued slandering Hye-jun because of their similar upbringing, in which Hae-hyo quickly contradicts.

Yi Young Meets Hye Jun

Seeing an article featuring his son Hae-hyo and Hye Jun as rising stars exasperates Yi young. It was for a fact that his son is being compared with Hye Jun, which she highly condemn. While planning to leave the salon, Hye Jun suddenly arrives. She learns that he is attending the movie press conference with Do Ha and Hae Hyo. Sarcastically, she asks why he is attending and Hye Jun unassumingly says that he’s going to support his fellow actors.

After their conversation, she asks Jin Joo about Hye Jun and she admits that both Hye Jun and Hae Hyo are Jeong Ha’s clients. She then assures her VVIP client that she has nothing to worry about, because both of them like each other. Strangely, Yi Young observes the couple before leaving and smiles like she is up to something.

Jjajangmyun and Jjamppong

Surprising Hye Jun, Min Jae took out the couple into lunch and shares her meeting with the historical drama director. While Hye Jun eats noodles, Jeong Ha orders jjangmyun and Min Jae chooses to eat her favorite dish, jjamppong. Falling head over heels with each other, Hye Jun wipes the jjangmyun sauce off of Jeong Ha’s lips, which causes cringe to Min Jae, who’s right on front of them.

After that cheesy moment, Min Jae brings the topic of proposing to sign an exclusive contract to Jeong Ha as Hye Jun’s official makeup artist. Hesitant, Jeong Ha responds that she will be needing Hae Hyo’s permission first, as she is his exclusive makeup artist. Sharing not much, she also mentioned that her current position at work is quite complicated. Later on, she gets up and leave for her meeting with the media company.

Jin Joo’s Apology

As she heads back to the salon, she comes across Jin Joo at the locker room. She confronts Jin Joo that she will leave under conditions;  if she apologizes to everyone and admit that everything she said was not true. However, Jin Joo did not succumb to her offer and walks away. Until a message from Soo Bin makes it easier to earn Jin Joo”s apology – a video evidence.

The opposing parenting philosophy of the two mothers

Planning to provoke Ae Suk like she always do, Yi Young comes home and tells that she saw her son and her girlfriend today. She has reached the point of telling Jeong Ha’s job and wonders if Ae-sook will like her.

Ae Suk fends off with confidence that the couple’s feelings are what matters. Warning about a dating scandal that could hurt Hye Jun’s career, Ae Suk confidently responds that Hye Jun has her trust, and that he can figure out his own business. Yi Young quickly disagrees and asks the purpose of being a parent if one will just watch their children and not do anything.

But then again, in her mind, Ae Suk disapproves her philosophy, and she audibly responds that parents exist as the children’s safe haven and rest. As always, Yi Young has another criticism to say but keeps it only in her mind. Instead, she says that they come from a much different backgrounds and that they have contrasting idea of life that makes it difficult for them to understand each other.

The family meal turns into another havoc

As Hye Jun arrives with his unwashed makeup and unchanged outfit, his father gets completely awestruck with how handsome his son is. Including her brother who is astonished, Ae Suk compliments his good looks.

With the allowance he collected, Hye Jun’s grandpa ordered pizza for everyone, as he will be announcing the pleasant news of his modelling gig. Then, the food arrives, everyone gathers at the living room.

When they start eating, Min Gi announces that he was chosen as a model for an ad. As expected, Young Nam immediately refuse to believe. However, Hye Jun guarantees that the modeling school has a good reputation.

Refusing to celebrate the news, Young Nam continues criticizing his father for using Hye Jun’s money. Min Gi starts crying and Hye Jun defends his grandfather to everyone and the tandem goes to their room to have the pizza for themselves.

Movie Press Conference

At the movie press conference, the host highlights that the three present actors — Do Ha, Hae Hyo, and Hye Jun — are of similar age. While continuing being modest as he is not the lead role, Hye Jun keeps his comments short and least as possible. But probably one cannot truly hide the fact of being someone’s fan. As a person who loves Hye Jun, the interviewer mentions Gateway, and the reporters from the audience start cheering loudly.

Then, the interviewer requests Hye Jun to reenact his viral scene from Gateway of asking his senior Seo Hyun Jin to date. Suddenly, the flock of female reporters goes wild, and has their eyes and cameras that night for Hye Jun. While he is simply delighted with the spectators’ reactions, Do Ha stares sourly and Hae hyo glances obliviously.

Envious Do Ha and Tae Su

As the conference ends, the actors goes backstage and Hye Jun finds Min Jae with Jeong Ha. He discovers a bunch of gifts from the partner brands who want to congratulate him.

Looking jealous at the other side of the room, Do Ha spots a flower bouquet from a make-up brand he is modelling for.

Meanwhile, Hae Hyo turns into his friend and congratulates him. The three of them, including Jeong Ha play and test his new phone gift. Hae Hyo wishes to have more time to hang out with his friend which Min Jae enthusiastically responds, that her Sa Superstar is quite busy with new projects that have lined up for him.

As Do Ha watches everyone with envious eyes, he then complains to Tae Su for not giving him attention and care. Out of extreme anger, jealousy, and frustration, Tae Su yells at him to stay focused, and that he is doing everything for his sake.

Dad and Jeong Ha

Deciding to leave her toxic workplace and build her own salon, Jeong Ha starts searching a cheap commercial building for her beauty shop. As she heads home, she finds her dad waiting her at the convenience store. They both eat ramen and have an abrupt time at the store.

They went home and talk about Jeong Ha’s serious matter of selling her house. Her Dad offers to help which she rejects. He starts getting emotional for recalling the stress they have brought to their daughter after having their fights in the past. She then admitted that it was indeed difficult for her and is always torn to whom she should side with.

To her surprise, Dad bows his head and kneels to ask for her forgiveness. He insists on kneeling until she forgives him, and Jeong Ha silently hugs her father to comfort him.

Sauna Ahjummas

The mighty fighter Hye Jun is back on screen as a prince! Spanning on the scene where he leads the opponents into a bamboo forest, Hye Jun bravely fights them. As the sole warrior, his followers suddenly came and urge him to leave. But he refuses to leave them behind and strongly declares, “If we cannot leave together, I will not go. You are my people too. I will not neglect any single one of you.”

The next thing we can see are the sauna ladies swooning over Hye Jun on screen. Among the ajummas is Min Jae, who silently watches them falling for Hye Jun, which is a good thing! What’s even great is that the group of ladies announce that they’re going to create a fan club for Hye Jun.

Hye Jun wins Best Actor!

The moment we have been waiting for has come! At the 2019 OVN Acting Awards, Hye Jun is donned with his best suit as the event host with co-emcee actress Kang Ha Na. While his family proudly watches in the audience, he announces the nominees of the award he has been nominated for – Best Actor award.

But before that, to present the new winner, he introduces the last year’s winner. Finally, Park Seo Jun makes his grand entrance as a fellow model-turned-actor Song Min Su (Park Seo Joon), who will present this year’s awardee. After viewing the cue card, he announces the winner, who is none other than Sa Hye Jun!

Everyone from his family and friends flare with joy and celebrate a huge milestone in his acting career. His family, including Mom and Grandpa tear up with joy as they watch him on stage delivering his speech.

On stage, Hye Jun shares that just a year ago, he was an unknown actor. Now he’s been receiving immense recognition and further express his gratitude to his ever supportive grandpa and says I love you to his mom, and thanks his fan club. But, he did not mention his father which makes him look disappointed.

Episode 9 Afterthoughts

Hye Jun winning a highly-esteemed award comes to no surprise. It was rather satisfying because it serves as a hard slap to the people who condemn him. Seeing that his hard work and his sincerity bounce back with success, I cannot help but get ecstatic with the recognitions he has been receving.

Interestingly, this episode also put in motion the intense rivalry that will soon spark between the two friends who clearly adore and root for each other. At some scenes, we can also see Hae Hyo’s incomprehensible thoughts and actions towards Hye Jun. He celebrates his friend’s success but at the end bitterness and sadness fill his eyes.

I cannot also stress enough Hye Jun’s manager Min Jae being such a wonderful breather for the series. With all the rapid happenings, Min Jae remains positive, and most of all, being dedicated to Hye Jun. Through her bright aura, any room that she walks into lit up. I hope she stays tough for her rising star Hye Jun, especially now that people want to bring him down.

Slowly but surely, Record of Youth is swelling everyone’s expectation with the building conflict between Hye Jun and Hae Hyo, who is so far, not giving too much hints. We can also expect a new chapter turning for Jeong Ha as she had a change of heart and sets herself free from such toxicity.

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