Key Moments In Episode 10 Of “Touch Your Heart”

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While Jung Rok and Yoon Seo inadvertently plan to meet at her house, Lee Gang Joon, the man who caused Yoon Seo so much grief, makes his presence known.

It was a house date full of awkwardness and mishaps. Nevertheless, both Jung Rok and Yoon Seo have an enjoyable time. They are also exploring the thrills of having a secret relationship, and much to Yoon Seo’s surprise, Jung Rok can be quite daring in showing his affections.

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Yoon Seo finds out that Jung Rok is capable of being affectionate, albeit in a subtle way. After the elevator conversation where Yoon Seo said that she finds dating in secret romantic and thrilling, Jung Rok surprises her. As they eat Attorney Choi’s waffles, Jung Rok suddenly winks at her. She is not sure what happened the first time, but when Jung Rok does it one more time, she smiles to herself. She tries to wink back but Joon Kyu notices it, and she pretends that something is inside her eye.

Inside Jung Rok’s office, she expresses how much she likes it. During lunch, Jung Rok casually pushes a plate of braised beef in her direction, then sends her a text message. He says he did it because he knows how much she likes meat. Yoon Seo then places a dish in front of Jung Rok as a payback. Jung Rok continues with the sweetness as he sets up a dinner date for him and Yoon Seo.

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During dinner, Yoon Seo teases him about being bold and Jung Rok admits that he is surprised himself. He tells Yoon Seo that he does not want waste time and that they should enjoy dating in secret. On their way to Yoon Seo’s place, both agree to meet and watch Roman Holiday the next day.


Jung Rok is nervous about their date and makes sure he comes over with flowers and wine. Yoon Seo, on her part, cleans the house thoroughly (at least the living room). When Jung Rok rings the bell and she opens the door, the atmosphere is filled with awkward tension.

Yoon Seo does the mandatory house tour to ease the tension but both of them are distracted by their thoughts. When it is time to watch the movie, Yoon Seo realizes that her DVD player is missing. Hyuk Joon confirms that he took it out for repair.

Embarrassed, Yoon Seo advises Jung Rok of the situation and tells him to wait as she will download the movie on her laptop instead. However, they end up watching Yoon Seo’s commercials and browsing through her photographs.

Touch Your Heart EP10.3

While having wine, both confess that they feel nervous about their date and have a sleepless night. Yoon Seo divulges the reason she is nervous because the thought of having the house to themselves makes her think of things. She stops before she embarrasses herself even further. The couple then shares another kiss.


Yoon Seo makes a bad first impression on Jung Rok’s father as she has mistaken him for an overly enthusiastic fan. She later finds out that the man only follows her to return the pen she dropped in the parking lot. Yoon Seo is even more flustered to learn that he is Jung Rok’s dad.

She tries to impress him by urging the son to spend time with the father and to learn the reason why he went to the office. It turns out Jung Rok’s father is suspended, a few months before his retirement, as he revealed a politician’s wrongdoing. Jung Rok represents his father and makes him proud.

During a meal, Jung Rok casually tells her father all the things which Yoon Seo did, so he would like her, and he just blurts out that she is his girlfriend. His candidness shocks his father and Yoon Seo.

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As they are driving, Yoon Seo asks Jung Rok why he sticks to calling her Oh Jin Sim instead of Oh Yoon Seo. Jung Rok explains that since she is there to work, he insists in calling her by her real name instead of her stage name. He says that it is a good thing since he is the only person who calls her that.

Yoon Seo agrees but notices that the black car behind seems to be following them. Jung Rok tries to shake it but only confirms Yoon Seo’s suspicion. The car advances and eventually blocks their way. Lee Gang Joon emerges the car which frightens Yoon Seo.

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Touch Your Heart episode 10 was such a joy to watch. I found myself giggling at Jung Rok and Yoon Seo’s awkwardness. Who would have thought that Jung Rok has a dorky side to him? He was just so adorable doing those sweet gestures spontaneously. Jung Rok and Yoon Seo greatly expressed the giddy feeling and nervousness that you only get to experience when the relationship is new. It was clear that both, though overwhelmed by emotions, are trying to adjust and they are loving every moment of it.

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Though the date did not go as planned, at least they were able to get comfortable around each other by talking and it was a good thing. The way that they are able to tell each other on how they felt is a good start to every relationship. Jung Rok straight-forward approach was a huge factor.

Yoon Seo meeting Jung Rok’s dad and somehow endearing herself to him is also a good way to strengthen her relationship with Jung Rok. The similarities between Jung Rok and his father are obvious, it’s no wonder they clash from time to time. I love how Yoon Seo was able to become a bridge to ease the tension between father and son.

Touch Your Heart EP 10

Lee Gang Joon is obviously not over Yoon Seo, and by the looks of it, he must have done so much to frighten her. Yoon Seo was truly traumatized – based on how she froze inside Jung Rok’s car, and also trying to prevent him from confronting the man. That guy was seriously giving off major creepy vibes. Now that he is back to make things difficult for our couple, I hope that Jung Rok and Yoon Seo will be able to get through this trial unscathed.

Touch Your Heart airs on tvN and tvN Asia.

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