K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 14

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House date and new beginning have propelled Romance Is A Bonus Book highest viewership to date.

The world crumbled again for the heroine of Romance Is A Bonus Book. But this time around, she did not face it alone.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Reminding us how relationships function as a support system, Dan Yi and Eun Ho’s story have given us a few love, career and life pep talks. Going to its finale week, we can send it off with a happy heart.

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Dan Yi Quits

The truth about Dan Yi’s work credential lie spreads like a wildfire causing awkward moments at work. Trying to sort out the office people’s behavior, Mr. Bong sends Dan Yi for an errand and castigates the people.

When Ms. Go receives a phone call from an author inquiring why his books are still sold when his contract was not renewed, the assigned editor passes the blame to Dan Yi. Left with no choice, Dan Yi decides to pack up her things and leaves.

Receiving Hae Rin’s notice, Eun Ho rushes to the office and finds Dan Yi at the nearby bus stop. He runs to give her the much needed embrace as tears fall on Dan Yi’s face freely.

Dan Yi & Eun Ho’s House Date

At night, Dan Yi and Eun Ho read a book together. Touching her hair, Eun Ho gets up when he feels electricity shoots up on his face. Heaving a sigh of relief, Dan Yi’s body reaction mutually agrees with Eun Ho after the reading time with him on her bed.

Waking up to the sound of her alarm, Dan Yi finds her boyfriend in the living room. Announcing he took a day off, he asks her to tell him what she wants. Giving her options a la Kang Chul, he cites three choices for her.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Handing his credit card, he offers a boyfriend who shows love through money for the first option. Next up, he suggests a boyfriend who will exact revenge for her. Explaining he can tell CEO Kim that he could cancel all his book series contracts, Dan Yi beams at his suggestion. Eventually, Dan Yi picks his third suggestion – a boyfriend who stays with his girlfriend until she feels better.

Basking on romance, Dan Yi and Eun Ho made all the viewers jealous on their house date. Together, they read a book, watch a movie, cook together, while exchanging quick kisses.

Romance is a Bonus Book


Persistent Hae Rin

Finding herself at Seo Joon’s neighborhood, Hae Rin drops the bomb on her discovery of pollack and cuttlefish. The result is them drowning their one-sided love failures with alcohol.

Waking up, Seo Joon sees Hae Rin reviving the shredded papers he initially disposed. At the mention of Kang Byeong Jun’s unfinished novel, Seo Joon picks up all the shredded papers away from her.

Receiving a call from Ms. Go, Dan Yi rushes to dress up to meet her. Clad in chic dress coat, she dismisses formality with her old boss. But when Ms. Go pulls a business card for a publishing company, Dan Yi smiles brightly.

First Night

Discussing her meeting with Ms. Go, Eun Ho supports her new work. Shooting for his luck, he asks if he can sleep with her together that night. Not getting any response from Dan Yi, he gets up but stops on his track when she tells him to change into his pyjamas.

Surprised, Eun Ho cutely jumps on her bed refusing to change clothes since they won’t need it anyway.

Dan Yi’s New Job

On high spirits, Dan Yi begins the first day of her new job. Welcomed with warm smiles by the owners, Dan Yi wonders why the other employee passed a note for her to run away.

Meanwhile, people at Gyeoroo are missing Dan Yi’s presence. Eun Ho also finally admits to Hae Rin about his relationship with Dan Yi.

Taking in exhausting calls from her new work, Dan Yi lies down on the floor as soon as she enters the house. She rolls to where Eun Ho is, while telling him how tired her day was. To energize herself, she goes to his arms as he praises her hard work.

The Heroes

Finding his apartment empty, Park Hoon reads on Ji Yul’s diary. The latter does overtime work in the office by reviewing submitted books by new authors. She starts reading one of the entry and is dumbfounded when she finished it. Just then, Hae Rin arrives and she presents what she suspects to be writer Kang’s last work.

Back at Eun Ho’s house, Dan Yi is on a cleaning marathon. Stumbling on a box of Kang Byeong Jun’s diary and written works, Dan Yi slumps on the floor to read further.

Arriving at the house, Eun Ho looks for Dan Yi and eventually finds her at the attic. In tears, Dan Yi stares at Eun Ho in deepest sympathy.

Eun Ho:

I am always afraid of that box opening up and the world finding about his story. Whenever I think I might have made the wrong decision, I get scared of criticisms and can’t fall asleep at night. I think, I might havr wanted Dan Yi to find out everything. Even if the whole world turns their back on me, Dan Yi will stay by my side. She will hold my hand with love in her eyes.

Episode 14 Afterthoughts

K-Dramas have really their own ways on sweetly hyping house dates. Who wouldn’t want to be bundled with a blanket and Eun Ho’s arms?

Left to be fully explained come finale episodes is writer Kang’s story and Seo Joon’s real deal. But yes, it would be amazing if Dan Yi returns to Gyeoroo.

I will reserve all my thoughts for the full review.

Romance Is A Bonus Book airs on tvN and is streamed on Netflix globally.

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