K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 9

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Just how Kang Dan Yi missed all the romantic signs that have been there all along sums up episode 9 of Romance Is A Bonus Book.

One-sided love is pretty dominant to Romance is a Bonus Book. Interestingly, the elaborated web of love starring the main characters of the story appears to be heading to either acceptance or heartbreak stage.

Romance is a Bonus Book

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Romance is a Bonus Book


The clues that Dan Yi missed

With clues pointing out to an idea that seems impossible to happen, Dan Yi struggles to rationalize if what she just realized must have been true.

Quietly going inside after Dan Yi asked him if he likes her, the latter pushes for the answer to her question. Knowing Dan Yi won’t be at ease, he sighs and says no. However, Dan Yi dwells on the memory of her face being caressed when she slightly dozed off.

Continuing where they left off from transcribing the new novel, Eun Ho tests the water to ask her opinion if he can like her. But she dismisses it right away.

Citing his good looks, successful career and all his genius merits, Dan Yi forces him out of his bragging. But Eun Ho overpowers her and lightly teases her with his gaze, compliments and a “I love you Kang Dan Yi”.

In response, the bewildered noona uses her head to reclaim control and bumps it on Eun Ho.

Romance is a Bonus Book


New Book Fiasco

The next day at the office, a new book to be launched was finally printed. Hae rin who worked hard for it gets scolded because of an error on the author’s bio page.

Apparently, rich girl newbie Ji Yul made the error, but Hae Rin failed to double check it. As a punishment, she orders her to put stickers on 5,000 copies of the books. Reasoning how she worked hard for a year for the book launch, she refuses to allow all 5,000 books to be shredded into pieces.

Meanwhile, Seo Joon visits his mother who devotes her time caring for the elderly. He also shows her the new books which he designed.

From the morning fiasco, the office brightens up because of additional orders for two already published books. Kang Dan Yi’s effort pays off again as her initiative to push its sales is met with great reception.

Celebrating her achievement, she cutely dances inside a vacant room unaware that Eun Ho was there all along.

Dan Yi’s necklace

Completing an errand by Director Go, Dan Yi goes to the mall to shop for a gift. She also buys a shirt for Eun Ho. Just then, she receives a call from him who is also in the area.

Asking Dan Yi’s opinion for a necklace he wants to buy, he describes the woman who will receive the gift totally matching her. He then moves to fit it on her neck and smoothly takes it off to make the official purchase.

At work, Dan Yi shows Hae Rin the hiding place of her soju cartons. Taking the opportunity if she knows about Eun Ho’s housemate, Dan Yi denies seeing anyone when she worked with him last time.

Later that night, Hae Rin successfully signs five book projects with Seo Joon.

Lee Na Young

Puzzle pieces Dan Yi struggles connecting

On her way home, Dan Yi still feels bothered about Eun Ho’s recent actions. Receiving a phone call from him, she tells her she is still at work. Staring at the flowers and necklace he bought for Dan Yi, Eun Ho answers the door and sees Hae Rin.

Flashes of her recent memories with Eun Ho still haunts Dan Yi while heading to his house. When she spotted Hae Rin, she hides behind Eun Ho’s car and later joins Seo Joon for a quick bite. Explaining how she was so busy to respond to his messages, they head to a restaurant for dinner.

Response to Hae Rin’s love letter confessions

Breaking Hae Rin’s bright mood, Eun Ho tells her about the book she left. Picking up the book he mentioned, she finds and read a letter from Eun Ho. Ending her one-sided love, Eun Ho pens a letter in response to all the letters she left for him to read.

“Hae Rin, I have read all the letters you left for me. So many thoughts crossed my mind. Should I define our relationship? Should I slowly put distance between us? I also questioned if that was the only way for you. No matter how hard I thought, I didn’t think that was the answer. Your feelings for me were beautiful and precious, so I didn’t want to mistreat it. The woman I’ve known for three years is passionate, diligent and beautiful. That is why you will find a better guy than me. Someone who recognizes you. Someone who makes you shine. Someone who makes you happy. At least someone who won’t pretend not to know your feelings. I don’t want to remain as one of your boyfriends in your memory. I’ll be a great colleague to you instead. And I’ll wait. I’ll wait until you meet a nice boyfriend. Next to you as a nice colleague. Thank you for everything Song Hae Rin. And for liking me.”

Tears flood on Hae Rin’s cheeks as realization dawns on her how Eun Ho knows her feelings all along. As her last confession, she tells Eun Ho how she never had a boyfriend and those were just excuses to see him.

Telling her to pick a nice guy than him, she makes him promise to be by her side as a colleague.

Dan Yi’s favorite book

Sensing her thoughts are elsewhere, Seo Joon listens to Dan Yi about what is bugging her. Thinking of Eun Ho, she alludes her relationship to him with her favorite old book which she has been cherishing all this time. The book she thought she has memorized suddenly seemed unfamiliar for her.

Helping her out, Seo Joon suggests how her change of heart might have been the reason why the book suddenly feels different now.

Receiving a call from Gapyeong, Eun Ho rushes to see an old man. Bruised from the fall and with tied hands and feet, Eun Ho agonizingly sobs at the sight of him.

Romance is a Bonus Book Episode 9 Afterthoughts

How do I solve the emotional problem that is Cha Eun Ho – is probably what has been running on Dan Yi’s mind. And with the rest of our minds too.

That saying of how friends can be lovers, yet lovers can’t be friends fits the scenario of the series. Hence, the precautions from the smart and emotionally intelligent main leads are understandable.

Shaping up to a realistic romance, the friendly love is rightfully ripe to escalate into a romantic love between Eun Ho and Dan Yi. I’m rooting for Eun Ho’s firm resolve to wait for his one-sided love to come true without him forcing his emotions to Dan Yi.

Drama fillers, I am having slight issues with those in the series. Rather than wait for Ji Yul to realize the essence of having a career, there could be more appropriate fillers to put in.

Officially on a romance track, the abrupt love confession seems not going to happen this week. Staying true to its patient approach, it must have been for the writer to keep the direction of the narrative even on a borderline languid pace.

Flowing to a simple noona romance premise, Romance Is A Bonus Book has not yet taken me to extreme of emotions. Since following its opening week, my main motivation is to see what point of Eun Ho and Dan Yi’s lives will they acknowledge love over friendship. A situation they have never entertained to confront in the past; probably because of missed timings, indecisiveness and wrong decisions.

Romance Is A Bonus Book airs on tvN and Netflix.


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