K-Drama Couch Recap: “Romance Is A Bonus Book” Episode 8

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Having slowly found her bearing after hitting rock bottom, the heroine of Romance Is A Bonus Book has been proving that it is possible for career and love life to blossom together.

Romance Is A Bonus Book finally shifts to fulfill its noona-romance promise. Transitioning to a more sweet note, the hero’s one-sided devotion has finally figured out by the object of its affection.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Now, it’s up to the heroine to process her emotions on how she might have overlooked her feelings in the process. Also, if she is going to make the right choice of love for her life this time around.

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Dan Yi’s favorite person

After debating whether to tell or not about Seo Joon, Eun Ho’s rational mind betrays him. Before Dan Yi and Seo Joon go for a walk, Eun Ho appears to give Dan Yi a warm jacket. He tells her to go back early and insists that they promised to watch a movie.

While walking, Seo Joon mentions about meeting Gyeoroo’s prized writer and how she was asked by the writer to do the book cover. Noticing Dan Yi’s mind is elsewhere, she beams revealing warm packs which Eun Ho left inside the pockets of the jacket.

Speaking her mind, Dan Yi utters how she has known Eun Ho for a long time, yet there are still things about him that she cannot understand. She remarks how he is cold at one time, and then warm at a different time. Confessing how she worried about what Eun Ho would feel if he learns about her divorce was what worried her when her marriage ended. She knows it would break his heart knowing her suffering, and is grateful for all the things he does for her.

Back at Eun Ho’s house, he browses on his book shelf and finds one of Hae Rin’s letters. Based on his reaction, he appears to have known about her feelings to him, but chose not to entertain it.

Seo Joon’s make up date

Arriving at a neighborhood restaurant, Dan Yi and Seo Joon settle on their table. The latter explains how he is a regular in the cozy restaurant since moving out of his parents’ house. Dan Yi spots the board showing Seo Joon’s reservation for consecutive days.

Explaining how he intends to make up for their first date fiasco, he has reserved the place until he can have the chance to bring her in. Refusing to beat around the bush, Seo Joon drops a sweet request if Dan Yi will allow her to exclusively see each other for three months.

At home, Dan Yi blabs about Seo Joon’s proposal to Eun Ho, who obviously hates hearing what happened. Dan Yi’s acting like a school girl asked out by her crush fumes Eun Ho even more. Getting straight to the point, he asked how she responded. Apparently, Seo Joon cushions his surprising request by telling her that they can just go casually with the flow like going to work together and going home together.

“Yes, I am a MAN!”

Elated at her charm, Dan Yi boasts how she is a proof that love for women over 30 can still be awesome. Eun Ho drags her back to earth right away citing how her recent misfortunes seem not have humbled her in any way. Griping at his harsh words, Dan Yi mumbles how it could be her last chance on love. Obviously annoyed, Eun Ho chides her to date any man who asks her out since she will be a grandmother soon.

Shutting him up, Eun Ho realizes he went over the line and apologizes. He mumbles he is hurt and Dan Yi’s instinct kicks in right away to check if he is sick by placing her hand on his forehead. However Eun Ho corrects her and places her hand to where he is hurting – his heart. There is a quick magical moment, until Dan Yi’s quirky self kicks in, praising how he has evolved to become a “man” as she cutely gropes his chest muscle.

Frustrated Eun Ho pushes her on the carpet as he gazes on her intently.

“Yes, I am a man. Actually, a really great one.”

It takes a while for Dan Yi to process what just happened as she castigates herself for feeling heart flutters. Blaming the reaction to her non-existent steamy life, she fixes the throw pillows on the sofa and calls Eun Ho for not turning off the light again.

Still not over his emotional grudge, Eun Ho rants about Dan Yi’s excitement of having Seo Joon’s attention and walks out of her sight.

Romance is a Bonus Book

Girls just wanna have fun

True to their promise, Dan Yi and Seo Joon meet at the bus stop to go to the office. It turns out that Seo Joon does not go to work, but just purposely wants to be with Dan Yi.

At the publishing company, the staff gather for the unveiling of the prized writer’s manuscript. Delegating the works to be done, CEO Kim assigns Dan Yi to help Eun Ho with transcribing the novel in digital form.

Unlucky for the participants who will join her clubbing adventure, Manager Seo finally gets Dan Yi on board. However, they are refused entry by the guards. Thanks to clubber goddess Director Go who graced her presence, she is able to let the two inside the elite club and even shows off her impeccable dancing skills on stage.

Sob story relay

Finding a new-found clique, Director Go invites Dan Yi and Manager Seo to her place to drink more alcohol.

Director Go brings out the reason for the divorce so Manager Seo briefly explains how her husband has always been not on her side. Out of all the patience, she pours in for understanding his situation as an overly helpful person to his family, one moment just pushed her to decide getting back her life without him.

“I realized that I had lived my life in vain. I thought of him as that one person who would always be on my side. I had lived my life thinking that he would be there for me no matter what because he is my husband. But he never knows what I’m thinking or feeling. Of course I want to buy shoes. I earn enough, don’t I? Why can’t I buy shoes? Why do I keep asking the price first?”

While Manager Seo cryingly reveals what happened, Manager Bong is also out drinking and fishing with CEO Kim and Eun Ho about what happened. He remarks how he has only given pain to his wife so he agrees to the divorce right away.

On the mood for sobbing stories, Dan Yi also reveals her divorce and how her husband cheated on her. Next up, Director Go also shows her prenuptial photo and tells them how she called off her wedding because she was scared of her in-laws and raising children. She then goes on to lamenting how her single life is sad amidst her successful career. And they unitedly cry out with all their hearts on their sad lives.

Book transcribing project

Finding Dan Yi slumped on the floor, Eun Ho panics and calls 911, only to find out that she just passed out. When she wakes up the next morning, Eun Ho helps to cure her hangover as they prepare to transcribe the book.

Tired from the project, Eun Ho feels Dan Yi’s head rest on his shoulder. Thinking she is sleeping, Eun Ho traces his hand on her face. As he is about to kiss her, her phone suddenly vibrates so he stops what he is about to do. Waking up from the quick doze, she reads Seo Joon’s message if she wants him to work with Gyeoroo for the book they are transcribing. Replying yes, she stands up to get something warm to drink.

While fixing some coffee, Dan Yi stares at Eun Ho and ponders why Eun Ho gave that sweet gesture. Debating if it is a dream or not, they head outside to see the falling snow.

The snow was beautiful

Exclaiming the beautiful snowfall, Dan Yi tells Eun Ho how she remembers the night when they were outside and he mentioned how the moon was beautiful. She adds how he even uploaded it on social media in reference to the Japanese author Dan Yi introduced to him.

Eun Ho narrates how the Japanese author taught his student to say “the moon is beautiful” since Japanese people are not vocal in saying “I love you”. Happy that Eun Ho remembers a story she shared when he was in High School, Dan Yi hits the realization what Eun Ho meant when he mentioned it to her that night.

Staring at the snow fall, Eun Ho tells her again that “the snow is beautiful” with a beaming face. In mixed thoughts, Dan Yi evades Eun Ho’s hand which is trying to clear the snow on her hair.

She carefully asks him if he likes her, as Eun Ho responds with a meaningful smile.

Lee Na YOung

Romance Is A Bonus Book Episode 8 Afterthoughts

Having Eun Ho as a constant in her life explains why Dan Yi might have probably look past beyond the possibility of them dating. And yet in the scene when she was narrating how her divorce made her worry about Eun Ho, we can conclude Eun Ho is a person whom she treasured deeply in her heart. Why they never entertained romantic feelings before is probably due to how friendship and love are inseparable emotions which they feel toward each other even then.

Now that Eun Ho is keen to lure Dan Yi in fulfilling their fated encounter, we are yet to see if Dan Yi will not succumb to the thought that she is not good enough for Eun Ho.

Is Seo Joon related to Eun Ho’s father? Will Hae Rin desperately fight for her feelings with Eun Ho?

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