February 2020 Korean Drama Releases: “Tell Me What You Saw”, “Hi Bye Mama”, “When The Weather Is Fine” & More

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A feast of love stories that inspire is the dominating theme of February 2020 Korean Dramas

Celebrating love month, there is an abundance of sweet treats for those craving for romance stories. A couple of thrilling series and legal narrative are also set to begin in February.

An interesting battle between prized actors are also in motion as actors like Ju Ji Hoon, Jang Hyuk and Jo Jung Suk continues to streak projects. At the same time, renowned actresses Kim Hye Soo and Kim Tae Hee are set to make their drama comebacks.

Here is the roster of currently airing 2020 Korean dramas.

Diary of a Prosecutor (tvN)
Black Dog (jTBC)

The Game: Towards Zero (MBC)
Money Game (tvN)
Forest (KBS 2TV)

Itaewon Class (jTBC)
Stove League (SBS)
Touch (Channel A)

Crash Landing on You (tvN)
Selection: The War Between Women (TV Chosun)

2020 Korean Drama Lineup

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Now, here are the latest stories to anticipate in February 2020 Korean Dramas.

Tell Me What You Saw

  • OCN | 1 February 2020

Tell Me What You Saw tells the story of a genius profiler who has lost everything and a detective with eidetic memory. Portraying the role of Oh Hyun Jae, Jang Hyuk is a recluse skilled profiler on a mission to track down the serial killer who took his fiancée‘s life.

Notably, this will be the actor’s return to OCN since the lauded crime thriller Voice in 2017. The drama has since spurred a successful franchise.

Taking the role of a rookie detective with photographic memory is Choi Soo Young. Her pivotal role in the psychopath chase and solving cases draws excitement as to what kind of color the actress will bring. Her last OCN project is the 2016 tax-evasion themed series, Squad 38.

The new OCN series is created by Kim Hong Sun, who directed last year’s critically acclaimed exorcism thriller The Guest. He also called the shots in OCN’s Black and Voice.

My Holo Love

  • Netflix | 7 February 2020

My Holo Love threads on the plot of three extraordinary characters. So Yeon, played by Ko Sung Hee (Suits, While You Were Sleeping), has lived a recluse life due to her face blindness disorder. She then meets Holo, a perfect AI assistant who soon creates a connection with her.

However, Holo realizes his limit being a robot with artificial intelligence. At the same time, his developer Nando, slowly develops feelings for So Yeon as he witnessed her interaction with Holo. Yoon Hyun Min (Witch at Court, Tunnel), challenges dual role portraying the characters of Holo and Nando.


The Cursed

  • tvN | 10 February 2020

Taking the mystery thriller genre, The Cursed narrates the story of a passionate journalist who fights for justice against Korea’s largest IT company.

Headlining the lead characters are Uhm Ji Won, Sung Dong Il, Jung Ji So and Jo Min Soo. Elements of shamanism will be incorporated in the story.

Penned by Yeon Sang Ho, who directed the mega box office hit, Train to Busan; the series gains interest to the interesting premise that will be unveiled on its 12-episode run.

February 2020 Korean Dramas The Cursed


  • SBS | 21 February 2020

HYENA takes the story of the grueling world of lawyers representing the elite class of South Korea. Supporting the top 1% of the society entails mastery of treacherous ways to remain victorious with their legal tasks and responsibilities.

Starring Ju Ji Hoon (Kingdom) and Kim Hye Soo (Signal), the highly-anticipated Korean series is the comeback project of Director Jang Tae Yoo. He last worked on acclaimed and top-rating series, My Love From The Star.


Hi Bye, Mama (tvN) Feb 22

  • tvN | 22 February 2020

The premise of the drama threads on how Kim Tae Hee’s character, Cha Yu Ri, is reincarnated for 49 days after leaving her family because of a sudden accident.

Tasked to orchestrate the production is Yoo Je Won whose impressive works include Oh My Ghost, Tomorrow With You and Abyss. Writer Kwon Hye Joo (Go Back Couple) pens the screenplay.

Marking Kim’s return to the small screen after five years, Hi Bye, Mama! is set to showcase a unique character for the actress. Living as a ghost for five years, she is unable to leave the mortal world. When she unexpectedly receives a reincarnation trial for 49 days, a delightful reincarnation project ensues.

Meanwhile, Lee Kyu Hyung portrays the role of heart surgeon Cho Gang Hwa who deeply longs for his dead wife. Though he tries to be happy, his life changed when his beloved first wife left the world. Rescuing him from his emotional despair is his second wife Oh Min Jung, played by Go Bo Gyul.

Hi Bye, Mama

When the Weather Is Fine

  • jTBC | 24 February 2020

When the Weather Is Fine is a heartwarming story about Hae Won (Park Min Young), who is tired of living in Seoul and goes down to Bukhyeon where she meets Eun Seop (Seo Kang Joon), who runs an independent bookstore.

Portraying the role of a woman who has detached herself from society, Park Min Young is a cellist since she was young. However, her ability was taken advantage pushing her to distrust people. Protecting herself, she locks the door to her heart and decides to return to her hometown.

Cast as Im Eun Seop, Seo Kang Joon will warm the heart of Park’s character Mok Hae Won. He runs a book store in Hae Won’s hometown. Living a serene life, he begins his daily routine with a cup of coffee and ends with writing a blog entry of his book thoughts diary.