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Produce X 101 Recap: Third Elimination Round Names Final Twenty Trainees, Kim Yohan Reclaims Top Seat

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It was the last elimination round before the season finale and as expected, emotions poured in.

Produce X 101 episode 11 revealed its top twenty trainees which included early favorites and those who surprisingly climbed up. However, this elimination was particularly more emotional as the 31 remaining trainees got to know each other deeply, having spent longer times together.

Produce X 101

Just like the previous eliminations, the rankings of the trainees constantly changed. Despite the changes, trainees were still shocked when unexpected names were called, and trainees get eliminated. But before the dreaded elimination round, viewers were shown the trainees having loads of fun during the special makeup class and field day.

Produce X 101 Special make up class

Trainees entered the room with desks and mysterious boxes. They opened the boxes and found several make up products and while they gushed over it, renowned Korean beauty creator Ssinnim made her presence known. She was going to teach the boys on how to properly use make up to maintain their idol looks on and off the stage.

The lesson was about making a tattoo makeup, something that don’t get smudged easily even when sweating. She first taught them about the makeup base by applying concealer for blemishes and using the foundation cushion for natural contouring. Next up were the eyebrows, to which Lee Han Gyul had so much fun messing with Nam Do Hyon’s. Cha Jun Ho even commented that he heard unibrow is popular these days.

The third and final step was the lip makeup and most trainees found the lip tints to be delicious. The people in the room burst out in laughter as Park Sun Ho and Cho Seung Youn painted their faces that made them look like clowns.

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Produce X 101 Cheerful Field Day

The trainees were grouped according to their Concept Evaluation teams. Meanwhile Kim Yo Han and Cho Seung Youn, coined as the White Rice and Fried Spicy Pork duo, served as the MCs. The teams played three rounds of games and winners were given rewards (bag of chips).

As a warm up, the teams played the Elephant game. Two members from each team paired up. Both would have party hats, but one would wear it on his face as he spins ten times and go to a pile of chips then try to feed his partner. With the party hat obstructing the video, chaos definitely ensued. Team “Monday to Sunday” won as Kim Min Kyu managed to feed Dong Yun fifteen chips.

I Can See Your Voice

Again, a pair from each team represented their groups and one of them would wear headphones and for three minutes he would try to guess the right words as uttered by his partner. Team “Pretty Girl” with Koo Jung Mo and Lee Jin Woo got four correct answers. Second pair was Song Yu Vin and Choi Su Hwan from Team “Super Special Girl who got six right words. They were followed by Nam Do Hyon and Kim Min Kyu who hilariously played the game. They managed to get two answers. Kim Kook Heon and Lee Han Gyul of Team “Move” went next and got the most answers with eleven.

The highlight of the game was definitely Team “U Got It”. Lee Eun Sang and Kim Woo Seok represented the team. Before they started, Cho Seung Youn asked Woo Seok if he gets mad at people easily to which he replied “No” and said he won’t get mad that day. However, Lee Eun Sang was a walking and talking disaster, in a funny way, as he kept on getting the wrong answers. In the end, their team somehow got one correct word.

National Producers Are Waiting So Move (yes, that’s the name of the game)

One member from each group would have to wear pants without the use of their hands. Lee Se Jin, Koo Jung Mo, Kim Woo Seok, Lee Jin Hyuk and Kang Hyeon Su played the game. The players were in total chaos as they tried to slip into the pants, hands-free. Cho Seung Youn gave them a chance to go to their respective teams and have some assistance, but still without using hands. Koo Jung Mo managed to wear the pants high enough for him to win the game for Team “Pretty Girl”.

Your Honorary Fireman

Players would use a baseball bat to blow out the candles. The player who hit a candle would automatically get zero points. The team with the greatest number of total candles blown out, would win the game. Yo Han tried it out first using a kick and blew out eight candles which amazed the trainees. Cho Seung Youn came next using the baseball bat. He told the other trainees he used to be a baseball player, but when he struck, he only blew one candle out.

Son Dong Pyo tried it out but did not blew a single candle. Team “Pretty Girl” blew out sixteen candles in total while Team “Move” had fourteen. Team “Monday to Sunday” won the game as Nam Do Hyon blew out sixteen candles on his own adding more to the total of his team.

For an extra game, Cho Seung Youn challenged Lee Jin Hyuk to try his luck on blowing the candles out. Jin Hyuk came forward and his first strike was unsuccessful, but he asked for a second chance. Seung Youn agreed but he wanted him to do aegyo. He acquiesced and much to the delight of all the trainees, Jin Hyuk blew out all the candles. Team “Pretty Girl” was the crowned as the overall winner.

Produce X 101 Trainees’ Fixed Pick

Cha Jun Ho landed at the 7th spot while Son Dong Pyo and Lee Eun Sang shared the 5th place. Meanwhile, Han Seung Woo, a.k.a. Dong Pyo’s Dad, landed at number four and Kim Min Kyu took the 3rd spot. Cho Seung Youn placed 2nd and the trainees’ number one pick was Woollim Entertainment’s Hwang Yun Seong. As a prize, he received the latest smart phone which he used to take a group pick with the other trainees.

Third Ranking Announcement

After the fun and games, trainees braced themselves for the announcement. As usual, National Producers Representative Lee Dong Wook announced the trainees ranked 19th to 11th. Tony secured the 19th spot while Woollim Entertainment’s Cha Jun Ho placed at number 11. Trainees Keum Dong Hyun, Lee Eun Sang, Song Hyeong Jun, Cho Seung Youn and Kim Min Kyu occupied the 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th and 5th spots, respectively.

Produce X 101

Four trainees were then shown on screen who would be vying for the top seat. Plan A’s Han Seung Woo got the 4th seat and during his speech, he acknowledged and wished his group mate Choi Byung Chan well. He had to leave due to health concerns. Lee Jin Hyuk placed third and once again, it was a battle between Kim Yo Han and Kim Woo Seok.

OUI Entertainment’s Kim Yohan bested Kim Wooseok and reclaimed the number one seat. It was another nerve-wracking moment as the monitor showed the four trainees competing for the last seat. Every trainee was in shock as Lee Woo Jin joined Kim Dong Yun, Kim Kook Heon and Lee Se Jin as candidates for seat number 20. They were even more speechless when he ended up in 22nd place, eliminating him from the show. Lee Se Jin managed to secure enough votes to get the last spot.

Produce X 101

Complete list of Top 20 and their votes:

  1. Kim Yo Han (582,503)
  2. Kim Woo Seok (457, 477)
  3. Lee Jin Hyuk (351,174)
  4. Han Seung Woo (329,581)
  5. Kim Min Kyu (290, 944)
  6. Cho Seung Youn (281,580)
  7. Nam Do Hyon (272,795)
  8. Song Hyeong Jun (242,818)
  9. Lee Eun Sang (230,716)
  10. Keum Dong Hyun (187,264)
  11. Cha Jun Ho (181.445)
  12. Son Dong Pyo (178,034)
  13. Hwang Yun Seong (173.360)
  14. Kang Min Hee (173,169)
  15. Koo Jung Mo (172,337)
  16. Lee Han Gyul (172,067)
  17. Song Yu Vin (152,724)
  18. Ham Won Jin (148,789)
  19. Tony (127,231)
  20. Lee Se Jin (125,530)

Debut Evaluation Songs

Sean Alexander and Drew Ryan Scott composed another song for the Debut Evaluation stage. They wrote the winning Concept Evaluation song “U Got It”. For the final evaluation, they created “To My World”, a song that falls under the funky K-Pop genre. Meanwhile, Flow Blow and PENTAGON’s Hui once again lend their skills for Produce 101. They wrote “Never” in season 2’s Concept Evaluation, as well as WANNA ONE’s debut track “Energetic” and Produce 48’s “Pick Me”. For this season, Flow Blow and Hui gifted the trainees with a Future EDM genre track called “Boy”.

The remaining trainees gathered and chose between the songs and the position they wanted. There was no guarantee that trainees could keep their preferred positions because someone could push them out.

After the selection was complete, each team would have to compete for the center position by filming their own footage and team members would decide the winner.

Produce X 101 opened up the voting lines a few minutes after the announcement of the top twenty and National Producers can vote one trainee per day until finale set on July 19.

Screenshots from viu.

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