April 2020 Korean Drama Releases: “The King: Eternal Monarch”, “Born Again”, “When My Love Blooms” & More

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Spring 2020 Korean dramas are set to blossom eagerly-awaited list of series highlighting romance and thriller themed stories

Bask in the mood of love as an array of romantic stories goals to satisfy your K-Drama cravings. At the same time, nurture your inner thriller junkie with guaranteed gripping K-Drama treats.

April 2020 Korean dramas feature the small screen return of Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun. Interestingly, time element is a dominant ingredient in some of the narratives that will air next month. Audience are up to see ingenious plots threading on reincarnation, switching timelines and parallel universe themes.

Here is the roster of currently airing 2020 Korean dramas. Note that daily and weekly family-themed series are not included in Hellokpop’s drama coverage.

Nobody Knows (SBS)
When The Weather is Fine (jTBC)
365: Repeat The Year (MBC)
A Piece of Your Mind (tvN)

Find Me In Your Memory (MBC)
Meow, The Secret Boy (KBS2 TV)
Memorist (tvN)

Hospital Playlist – *Friday only (tvN/Netflix)
The World of the Married (jTBC)
Yoobyeolna! Chef Moon (Channel A)

Hi Bye, Mama! (tvN)
Rugal (OCN)

2020 Korean Drama Lineup

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Now, here are the latest stories to anticipate in April 2020 Korean Dramas.

How To Buy A Friend

  • KBS2 TV | April 06

Headlined by Lee Shin Young (Crash Landing on You), Shin Seung Ho (At Eighteen) and Kim So Hye (Best Chicken), the special drama threads on the story of two high school friends who are like night and day.

Interestingly, a poem written by high school student Chan Hong results to a contract friendship with the school’s legendary brawling boss, Don Hyuk.

Lee Shin Young suits up to the role of Chan Hong. He is your regular high school student who is tall and with an average weight. Fairly doing well as a student he is dubbed as “ninja” because it is hard to determine where he is. When he wrote a poem, an unexpected moment leads to a turning point in his teenage life.

Infamous for his brawling strength, Don Hyuk, portrayed by Shin Seung Ho transfers to a new school. There he meets Chan Hong and suggests a deal with him.

Taking the female lead role is Kim So Hye. She is set to play the role of Eom Se Yun who is Chan Hong’s first love. As the goddess of male students, she is first-rated in appearance and school grades.

How To Buy A Friend

The King: Eternal Monarch

  • SBS | April 17

Taking a fantasy romance drama to a whole new level, The King: Eternal Monarch takes two settings following a parallel universe theme.

King Lee Gon (Lee Min Ho) seeks to seal the portal between the two dimensions. Meanwhile, police inspector Jung Tae Eul (Kim Go Eun) earnestly hopes to protect the people and her loved ones.

Bannered by a top-tier creative team, the series is penned by Kim Eun Sook of Goblin, Mr. Sunshine and Descendants of the Sun fame. It will be co-directed by Baek Sang-hoon (Secret, Who Are You: School 2015, Descendants of the Sun) and Jeong Jee-hyun (Search: WWW).

Born Again

  • KBS2 TV | April 20

Slated for Spring broadcast, the new series is a mystery melodrama depicting the fate and resurrection of two men who fell in love with the same woman in their two different lives. Actors Jang Ki Yong and Lee Soo Hyuk are set to be the love rivals to the character Jin Se Yeon will portray.

The timelines are set during the 1980’s and the present time. With reincarnation as one of the key plot elements, expect an immersing story this Spring. Additionally, the viewers can expect an enthralling narrative as the events from the past are set to be repeated in the modern time.

The initial character sketch revealed for Jang Ki Yong is that of an upright man who disregarded his kinship to his atrocious father. Playing a detective in the 1980’s timeline, Lee Soo Hyuk shifts to a prosecutor role in the present time for his new project. He is expected to be a romanticist who will pique viewers’ curiosity and a hunter of evil filled with cold charisma.

Calling the shots of the production is Director Jin Hyung Wook who last worked in dramas Liver or Die and Neighborhood Lawyer Jo.

When My Love Blooms

  • tvN | April 25

Based on the rough sketch released for When My Love Blooms (LT), Yoo Ji Tae plays the role of handsome and successful entrepreneur Han Jae Hyun. A once passionate student activist member, he has since transitioned to a businessman pursuing ambition and wealth. He then meets his first love Yoon Ji Soo, portrayed by Lee Bo Young, a working mother.

Viewers can anticipate the synergy to be described in two colors of romance that will decorate the new series. One expects to draw a love story relatable to middle-aged people. The other can suit the taste of young and young at hearts, albeit its wistful tone.

Park Jinyoung and Jeon So Nee are are set to portray the younger version of Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Bo Young. Leading the project is Director Son Jung Hyun of Lovers in Paris and Should We Kiss First fame.

2020 Korean Dramas When My Love Blooms


Good Casting

  • SBS | April 27

Good Casting is an action comedy drama about a woman who once used to be a top agent but got demoted to a desk job. Now she gets selected along with two other women to unfold an undercover mission.

They must investigate the corruption behind intellectual property leaks in one of the top companies in Korea. A lot of fun moments can be expected as these women go on a path to save their people and the country.

Penning the script is Park Ji Ha under the direction of Choi Young Hoon (Second to Last Love, High Society).

Good Casting


  • Netflix | April 29

Extracurricular tells the stories of high school students who gets involve in a crime and the consequences they have to face in the aftermath.

Boasting of fresh and young actors to play the lead roles, Extracurricular tapped the services of veteran director Kim Jin Min whose works include Lawless Lawyer, The Time Between Dog and Wolf and Marriage Contract. Teaming up with budding writer Jin Han Sae, who took over the script writing duties, the two created an unconventional and exciting youth-centric drama.

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*Note that drama titles are subject to change until its official premiere