August 2020 Korean Drama Releases: “SF8”, “Stranger 2”, “Alice”, “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” & More

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Lauded K-Drama female leads are set to dominate August 2020 Korean Dramas!

Kim Hee Sun, Go Ara and Im Soo Hyang are up to challenge new heroines in their respective Korean dramas. Notably, two widely-regarded actors are set for their small screen comebacks.

Cho Seung Woo reprises his role for the highly-anticipated second season of Stranger. Meanwhile, Joo Won, who completed his military service in February 2019, marks his acting comeback.

Aside from these, revolutionary concepts and formats are also featured in the K-Drama series lineup next month. MBC launches its eagerly-awaited SF8 series. The network teams up with the Director’s Guild of Korea (DGK) and Wavve for this crossover project. Comprising of eight film dramas directed by different directors, the project is produced by Soo Films.

Furthermore, thrillers and ingenious plot powered by reliable actors are set to hit the small screen.


To All The Guys Who Loved Me (KBS2)
The Good Detective (jTBC)


Into The Ring (KBS2)
Flower of Evil (tvN)
Was it Love (jTBC)


Backstreet Rookie (SBS)
Graceful Friends (jTBC)


It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (tvN)
Train (OCN)

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2019 Best Korean Dramas

Now, here are the latest stories to anticipate in July 2020 Korean Dramas.

Now, here are the latest stories to anticipate in August 2020 Korean Dramas.

Lonely Enough To Love

  • August 11 | MBC

The new MBC drama captures the current trend among single people in their 20’s and 30’s. In the backdrop of living under the same roof, expect a bright romance story this summer. Penning the script is is Jo Jin Guk of Fated To Love You and Soul Mate fame. Director Lee Hyun Joo will call the shots of the production.

Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely is a romance drama depicting the story of young people who co-exist in a “shared house”. They don’t want to enjoy a serious relationship because it gets burdensome. Wanting to enjoy freedom, they still ponder deeply on not wanting to feel lonely.

Ji Hyun Woo & Kim So Eun Have Complicated Love Perspectives In “Love Is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely” Teasers

Love is Annoying But I Hate Being Lonely kdramadiary e

SF8 *Fridays only

  • August 14 | MBC

Featuring eight films, the series began shooting on February 21 with director Jang Chul Soo’s White Crow. On May 7, the final drama Human Proof directed by Kim Eui Seok completed its shooting.

Kim Eui Seok’s Human Proof stars Moon So Ri while Jang Chul Soo’s White Crow features EXID’s Hani.

Han Ka Ram’s Blink is an action drama with Lee Si Young and Ha Joon as the main leads.

Min Kyu Dong worked on Nursing which features Lee Yoo Young, Ye Soo Jung, Yeom Hye Ran, and Yoon Kyung Ho. The story is based on a world that is dominated by robots.

Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Dong Hwi are part of The Female Shaman that centres around an artificial intelligence fortune-telling service which is directed by Roh Deok.

You Can’t Love in a Week, directed by Ahn Gooc Jin is set on the universe that is about to end and is top-billed by Lee David and Shin Eun Soo.

Kim Bo Ra and Choi Sung Eun are part of Lee Yoon Jung’s Astronaut Joanne that narrates a youth story taking place during the fine dust disaster.

Choi Si Won and Uee headline Augmented Bean Pod which is directed by Oh Ki Hwan. It is a romantic drama that takes place in a virtual world.

August 2020 Korean Dramas

Stranger 2

  • August 15 | tvN

Directed by Park Hyun Seok and written by Lee Soo Yeo, Stranger 2 includes reprisal of roles including Cho Seung Woo, Bae Doona and Lee Joon Hyuk.

The main theme of the series threads on conspiracy theories where trusting anyone is dangerous. For the second season, the debate between the prosecutors who wanted to acquire their own investigation authority and the police who wanted full independence is predicted.

When I Was The Most Beautiful

  • August 19 | MBC

Billed as a drama about understanding and healing, it will tackle the pain of life through fate and love. Entangling lives in a twisted love triangle, the series is considered one of MBC’s most anticipated shows.

Im Soo Hyang will play the role of Oh Ye Ji, a ceramic artist and the first love of Seo Hwan. She dreams of ordinary happiness but gets involved in a love triangle between two brothers.

Ji Soo plays Seo Hwan, an architectural designer and younger brother of Seo Jin. He meets Oh Ye Ji by fate and falls in love at first sight. Playing Seo Jin, the older brother of Seo Hwan, is Ha Seok Jin. As a race car driver, he is always used to get what he wants. He was instinctively attracted to Oh Ye Ji when he met her at his father’s workshop.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

  • August 26 *Postponed | KBS2

For her new role, Go Ara takes on the character of lively pianist Gurara. Despite not having the perfect life, her optimism does not cease.
Transforming to a chic and free-spirited soul, Lee Jae Wook suits up to the role of Fritta Sunwoojun. Working as a part-timer, he seems not to have a dream or goal.

He seems scary, but in fact sweet. He seems to be cold, but in reality he is warm and charming.

Backing up the project is director Kim Min Kyung who co-directed Matrimonial Chaos. Penning the script is Oh Ji Young of My Secret Terrius and Shopping King Louie fame.



  • August 28 | SBS

Joo Won pairs up with Kim Hee Sun for SBS upcoming Friday-Saturday offering. Titled Alice, the series threads on a sci-fi magical story between a time traveling woman and a man who lost the ability to feel emotion.

Joo Won suits up to the role of Park Jin Gyeom, a detective with congenital apathy and is the first human to notice the existence of time-travelers.

Expected to own his newest role, Joo Won’s Detective Jin character is revealed to have brilliant mind who investigates with evidence and logic.

Meanwhile, Kim Hee Sun, plays the role of a geeky physicist Yoon Tae Yi, who tries to uncover the secrets of time travel. She also plays the role of scientist Park Seon Young, who knows the secret of time travel. Kim portrays two completely different characters, similar to each other, across 20’s and 40’s age groups.

Boasting of a complex mixture of genre, Alice takes on elements of comedy, melodrama, scifi and humanism. Thus, viewers can expect to be immersed on its ambitious groundwork.

Missing: The Other Side

  • August 29 | OCN

Tapping a combination of talented seasoned and young actors, expectations are high in the new OCN drama top-billed by Go Soo and Heo Joon Ho.

Joining the respected artists are versatile actors Ahn So Hee, Seo Eun Soo and Ha Joon. Set to mark another thrilling story, OCN formed a solid cast to mystery fantasy drama 미씽 : 그들이 있었다 Missing: The Other Side (working title).

The series revolves around the mysterious disappearance of people in a village and the searches that ensued for the missing bodies after.

Fresh from his scintillating performance in Money Game, Go Soo takes on the role of con artist Kim Wook. His image boasts impeccable appearance and outstanding qualities. Taking advantage of his innate talent, bad people helplessly fall on his schemes. However, one day, he stumbles on the cryptic situation of Duon Village.

Serving as the link between Duon village and outside world is Jang Pan Seok. The role to be portrayed by esteemed veteran actor Heo Joon Ho (Kingdom 1&2, Designated Survivor: 60 Days, Come and Hug Me). Jang Pan Seok will coordinate with Kim Wook and his minions to solve the case.

Assistant to Go Soo’s character, Lee Jong Ah, will be suited up by Ahn So Hee. Jong Ah is a white hacker working as a 9th level government employee and has been aiding Kim Wook to realize social justice.

Ha Joon transforms to Detective Shin Jun Ho in search of his missing lover Choi Yeon Na. The latter went missing when she visited the village, thus, Jun Ho joins the team working on the case. Choi Yeon Na will be brought to life by charming actress Seo Eun Soo.

Do You Like Brahms?

  • August 31 | SBS

Threading on extraordinary dreams and love stories of classical music students, Do you like Brahms? features Kim Min Jae and Park Eun Bin in lead roles.

In the drama, Park Eun Bin takes the role of Chae Song Ah. She enters the classical music school after graduating from a top business school. Facing career problems, she met a world-renowned pianist, and her life changes since then.

Portraying the role of popular pianist Park Jun Young is Kim Min Jae. His prowess is proven by winning numerous international piano competitions and prestigious domestic music competitions, even without any known knowledge of music when he was young.

Returning to Korea for a sabbatical year, he met Song Ah one summer day, and a break from his routine life happens.

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