July 2020 K-Pop Comeback Lineup: Zico, Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi, EXO-SC, Chung Ha, GFRIEND, SF9 & More

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This July, the comebacks are going to be loaded with diverse content and there is something for music lovers of every genre!

As July comes knocking the door within the next 24 hours, more exciting comebacks are set to befall upon us. This month is loaded with some well-known names, who are famous for dominating charts domestically and globally. Additionally, there are also some highly anticipated units and notable soloists that hold a lot of promises.

K-Pop July Comeback


Zico will be delivering his much awaited third mini album RANDOM BOX on July 1. There are two awesome collaborations which will be featured on the album as well. Songstress BIBI will be lending her vocals alongside Zico in his track “원수”, while his title track, “SUMMER HATE”, will be featuring the one and only Rain.

Previously, the rapper-singer had unveiled some zany concept photos that show off his charms in an unconventionally unique way on KOZ Entertainment’s official SNS. The images have beautifully contrasted the warm and cool color tones to create the perfect summer poster.


Within one year of debut, VERIVERY has gone through numerous momentous events. Now they return again with fourth mini album FACE YOU. This album marks the second episode from the group’s FACE IT series.

The concept photos released showcases VERIVERY’s charms in an extremely bewitching way. All of the members looked extremely ethereal in every frame, evoking a mystifying vibe while maintaining the overall monochromatic aesthetic.


Soloist Kassy is slated to return on July 2 with an emotional R&B song. The songstress has posted a couple of teaser images in her Instagram channel along with the comeback countdown in the caption. Titled “Tock Tock”, the track will bring the melancholic feelings of a summer night.


B1A4’s Sandeul

Adding to the sheer joy of fans, B1A4’s Sandeul will be spreading happiness on July 2 with his cheerful music. The singer had released a couple of fun-filled teasers where a person is seen wearing a square box on his head and exploring the world. Filmed in a bright atmosphere, the short videos radiates a great burst of energy.


Jooyoung & Heize

Bringing a one-of-a-kind collaboration that fans can look forward to, Jooyoung has partnered with Heize to unveil a new music. Previously, Starship Entertainment had announced that Jooyoung would make a comeback with single “Love Distance” featuring Heize on July 3.

Jooyoung X Heize

VIXX’s Ken

On July 2, the artist announced his last single before his enlistment through a teaser picture. The singer plans to release a digital song on July 4 titled “하나하나 세어본다” (Let’s Count One By One, literal title).

The digital single will be a ballad, expressing gratitude for precious memories and waiting for a reunion. In addition, the idol wrote the song himself, while recalling some unforgettable times.



After getting fans excited over the digital version of their I-LAND: WHO AM I concert, the (G)I-DLE ups the energy by using their show to release new music. Their new track is set to be released as digital single. The lyrics of the song are penned by members Minnie and Yuqi.

Chung Ha

After winning hearts with her powerful vocals in “Stay Tonight”, Chung Ha is slated to greet fans again on July 6. The soloist will be releasing another pre-release single titled, “PLAY”. Staying true to its name, the concept photos capture the singer in a playful mood. Garbed in bright flowery colors, Chung Ha’s images emanate a relaxing summer feeling.

Lee Woo

Former Madtown member and balladeer, Lee Woo readies to melt hearts yet again, as he returns with new single titled, “I Didn’t Think About Breaking Up” on July 6. “I Didn’t Think About Breaking Up” is the second song of Lee Woo’s When a Man Loves project. Earlier, the artist had dropped a series of photos hinting a delightful comeback.

Lee Woo


Amplifying the excitement of fans, SF9 gears up for a summer comeback with the release of their eighth mini-album 9loryUS.

9loryUS marks SF9’s highly-anticipated return since they released their first full-length album FIRST COLLECTION in January 2020. The album will be led by the song “Summer Breeze”, which falls in the house genre and is promised to go well with the summer mood. Aside from SF9’s refreshing visuals, the song is expected to harmonize with energetic performances that the group will blow fans away with this summer.

Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi

A new unit but definitely a thrilling one, SM packs Red Velvet’s Irene and Seulgi together for new music content. The duo will be making their highly anticipated debut on July 6 through mini-album Monster which consists of six tracks. Delighting the fans, their official logo was unveiled via Red Velvet’s social media accounts.

Meanwhile, a number of enticing concept photos of the unit were revealed in which the beautiful ladies flaunted their out-of-the-world visuals. Additionally, there were also some cool teasers that promises an explosive debut.

Yu Seung Woo

Singer-songwriter Yu Seung Woo declared the release of a new music enhancing the joy of the fans. On June 30, the singer’s agency, Starship Entertainment announced the news of the new single “걸을까” through their official SNS by posting the teaser image of Yu Seung Woo’s upcoming release.

In the released photo, there is a blue sky and a green field which is leading towards the sea. Against the backdrop it is written “2020. 07. 07. Yu Seung Woo COMING SOON” revealing the music release date. The snapshot provoked curiosity about the new single.


Preparing for a refreshing summer comeback, GreatGuys will be making a comeback with their third mini-album called WE’RE NOT ALONE_Chapter 2: You & Me. This is the second part of the group’s WE’RE NOT ALONE series and leading the album is the track titled “RUN”. Earlier on, the group had disclosed a batch of group as well as individual shots that reflects the group’s youthful energy.

Lee Seok Hoon

Soloist Lee Seok Hoon will be returning with a new single on July 8. Previously, the artist’s agency, C9 Entertainment unveiled an image teaser on June 29, which also served as an announcement of the comeback date. Through this new song, expectations are raised as to what emotions will Lee evoke from the listeners.

EXID’s Solji

After entering into a new company, EXID’s Solji is already set to make her return in the music scene as a soloist. C-JeS Entertainment announced the news about the singer’s comeback on their official SNS channels. The singer will release a single titled, “Rains Again”. Needless to say, fans are curious on what kind of song that the singer is going to release.



Enchanting fans with a sweet delight, GFRIEND announced their new album 回:Song of the Sirens, which is scheduled to be released on July 13. The new album 回:Song of the Sirens is about GFRIEND’s desire and willingness to change.

Presently, anticipation is rising about the new aspects that GFRIEND will show through their comeback this time. The six-member group has been growing and reaching new heights through solid storytelling since their debut. For this comeback too, the girls have unveiled a fairytale-like story through “A Tale of the Glass Bead: Butterfly Effect” video.


EXO’s Sehun and Chanyeol (EXO-SC) are gearing up to release their first full-length album. The album titled, 1 Billion View is scheduled to release on July 13 and will entail of 9 songs in total. Their comeback will mark one year since they made their unit debut in July 2019. Creating huge waves in their debut itself, it can be ensured that the new release of EXO-SC too, will make a blast.

Jeong Sewoon

Jeong Sewoon will be releasing his album 24 Part 1 on July 14. Moreover, the album consists of six songs with “Say Yes” serving as the title track.

Jeong Sewoon has prepared a lot of various content prior to the release of the album. For the most part, fans are curious of the type of music he will be bringing this time around, especially with all the summer and vacation motifs on his teasers.

Pink Fantasy

The unique girl group Pink Fantasy will be enticing everyone with their latest music video. Hinting at a possible comeback, the group had earlier revealed a teaser that features some of the members adorned in heavy jewelry. Subsequently, it was announced that the group will be making a return through “Shadow Play” music video which is to be released on July 14.


On July 3, Crush, as well as his agency, P NATION, notified that the singer will be releasing his new digital single. Titled “OHIO”, the song will be released on July 14 at 6 PM KST.

The news was announced through a teaser image that was posted on Crush and the company’s respective SNS accounts. Captured in a monochromatic frame, the musician exudes a serious but charismatic aura in the uploaded photo.

Crush OHIO


These energetic rookies have been gathering attention left and right with their nonstop activities since their debut on April 1. To further fans’ delight, the group had just announced they will be making their first comeback on July 15. The group will make a comeback with their second mini-album, Running TOOgether.

Adopting a young and fresh concept, the released album trailer shows the TOO members dressed in outdoor sports wear and having fun at a playground.

Jung Eunji

Apink’s Eunji will be taking the music stage as a soloist on July 15. On June 23, PlayM Entertainment announced that Jung Eunji will be releasing her solo album in July.

Then, on July 1, the official announcement of the singer’s comeback was declared, accompanied by the official logo image. Adding curiosity to her upcoming comeback, the photo featured a lone chair cluttered on the beach. The waves coming from afar spurs interest about the main concept of her new album.



Promising a powerful comeback, boy group 1THE9 is set to make a return on July 16. Much to the joy of fans, the group posted a couple of teasers that showed the members shooting for a music video. Suited in gorgeous outfits, the 1THE9 looks dapper and more contents are highly awaited.


Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon surprised the internet with exciting news. The rapper revealed surprise images accompanied with comeback information.

On July 15, SM Entertainment shared teaser photos and details about the idol’s soon-to-be-revealed fourth single “Dessert.” In the images, the talented artist looked absolutely stunning in her stripe attire. Moreover, she brought out pure confidence with the way her gaze fell onto the camera.

“Dessert” is the first song to be released after a year. Her new single is slated for release on July 22 at 6 PM KST.



They have not made their debut yet but they are already making waves and fans cannot wait to listen their music. SSAK3 is a new group with Yoo Jae Suk, Rain, and Lee Hyori as its members. This group was formed through the summer dance music project on MBC’s How Do You Play?

Previously, the trio had unveiled some pre-release photos of themselves wherein they looked chic dressed in retro outfits. They are also introducing themselves with new stage names for this group.



Following the end of their TREASURE series, ATEEZ will be launching their next musical and narrative through album, ZERO : FEVER PART.1 on July 29.

Their newest concept photo released with the album date and name intriguingly sets the tone for their newest musical series. ATEEZ stands before an ivy-covered school, wearing edgy versions of school uniforms. Notably, the members’ faces remain blurred, providing a distinctly eerie feeling.



Ushering a sweet surprise to fans, JYP Entertainment confirmed to media outlets on June 22 that ITZY is preparing for a summer comeback. The company had stated that the official schedule will released at a later date. Then on June 30, ITZY dropped a mysterious teaser with the caption “COMING SOON”.


It’s been a long wait and finally YG Entertainment’s new boy group TREASURE will be making their grand entrance in the K-Pop scene. YG Entertainment announced the exciting news to fans through a short but sweet clip featuring the 12 charming rookies. Introducing the boys in the sneak peek, their official debut date was then unveiled in the latter part, which is set to be sometime in July.


A new six-member boy group is set to debut in July under New Planet Entertainment. Named as BXK, the acronym stands for Boys x King. Before making their debut, the group will be releasing a pre-debut track “FLY HIGH” along with an MV. The group has been attracting attention from fans through various contents.



Queen of summer songs, Soyou is making her solo return after two years. On July 6,  Soyou’s agency, Starship Entertainment had announced that the singer is aiming for a late July comeback.

Eric Nam

Eric Nam will be releasing a new mini album on July 30. Hinted to be an expression and reflective of the summer season, the new album features tracks that are sure to be breezy, giving listeners an outdoorsy vibe.

This new music marks Eric Nam’s comeback in approximately eight months since the release of his album, Before We Begin. The title track of the mini album was written after he ended his American tour this year.

Eric Nam

Difficulty in Keeping Track?

Here’s the timeline

July 1 — Zico returns with third mini-album RANDOM BOX

July 1 — VERIVERY returns with fourth mini album FACE YOU

July 2 — Kassy return with single “TOCK”

July 2 — B1A4’s Sandeul returns as a soloist

July 3 — Jooyoung returns with digital single featuring Heize

July 4 — VIXX’s Ken returns with digital single  “하나하나 세어본다”

July 5 — (G)I-DLE returns with digital single

July 6 — Chung Ha returns with pre-release single “PLAY”

July 6 — Lee Woo returns with a single “I Didn’t Think About Breaking Up”

July 6 — SF9 returns with 8th mini-album 9loryUS

July 6 — Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi debuts with first mini-album Monster

July 7 — Yu Seung Woo returns with new single  “걸을까”

July 8 — GreatGuys returns with third mini-album WE’RE NOT ALONE_Chapter 2: You & Me

July 8 — Lee Seok Hoon returns with digital single “내가 네게 하나 바라는 건”

July 9 — EXID’s Solji returns with digital single “Rains Again”

July 13 — GFRIEND returns with album 回:Song of the Sirens

July 13 — EXO-SC returns with first full-length album, 1 Billion View

July 14 — Jeong Sewoon returns with album 24 Part 1.

July 14 — Pink Fantasy returns with “Shadow Play”

July 14 — Crush returns with digital single “OHIO”

July 15 — TOO returns with second mini-album, Running TOOgether

July 15 — Jung Eunji returns with a new album

July 16 — 1THE9 returns with “Turn Over”

July 22 — DJ HYO returns with digital single “Dessert”

July 25 — SSAK3 makes their debut

July 28 — Soyou makes a solo comeback

July 29 — ATEEZ returns with album, ZERO : FEVER PART.1

July 30 — Eric Nam returns with new mini-album

Note: Release dates to be announced later for ITZY, TREASURE, BXK

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