March 2019 Korean Drama Releases: “Laughter In Waikiki 2”, “He Is Psychometric”, “Confession”, “Doctor Prisoner” & More

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Promising drama gifts for fans, the roster of March 2019 Korean Dramas flaunts plots and themes that can be enjoyed by anyone.

Low key on romance, the dramas set to be unveiled next month will generally feature thrillers, comedy and melodramas. Additionally, the stories are balanced in terms of hero-centric and women empowering series.

March 2019 Korean Dramas

Below are the dramas that are currently airing, and will soon conclude in a month or two.

(Note: Daily dramas not included)


My Lawyer Mr. Jo 2 (KBS2)

The Crowned Clown (tvN)

Haechi (SBS)

Item (MBC)

The Light in Your Eyes

2019 Korean Dramas


Liver or Die (KBS2)

Spring Turns to Spring (MBC)

Touch Your Heart (tvN)


The Fiery Priest (SBS)

Legal High (jTBC)

2019 Korean Dramas


Romance Is A Bonus Book (tvN)

Babel (TV Chosun)

Trap (OCN)

My Only One (KBS)

My Healing Love (MBC)

2019 Korean Dramas

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Here are the new stories to add on to your watch list from next month onwards:

Big Issue (SBS)

2019 Korean Dramas

(Image from SBS)

Big Issue takes the story of Ji Soo Hyun (portrayed by Han Ye Seul), a smart editor with incredible connections that she uses to spawn talk-of-the-town celebrity gossips. Although she once dreamed of becoming an honest reporter who does responsible journalism, she succumbs to being a paparazzi since telling the truth as a reporter does not make her powerful.

Joo Jin Moo (Bad Guys: City of Evil) joins Han Ye Seul as he portrays the role of a famous photo journalist from a big national paper. However, life problems get in the way, so he starts working for the paparazzi publication led by Han’s character.

Backing up Big Issue is PD Lee Dong Hoon, who worked as director and producer for dramas That Winter The Wind Blows, Protect the Boss, and City Hunter. Penning the series is Jang Hyuk Rin, who wrote recent exciting thrillers The K2, Yong Pal, and Reset.

Initially set for February broadcast, The Last Empress got extended, hence the premiere gets pushed to March 6.

Possessed (OCN)


(Image via OCN)

OCN, the network that seems to master the art of scaring its viewers (in a good way), has another drama with a supernatural thriller genre. Possessed follows the story of Kang Pil Sung (Song Sae Byeok), a laid-back and crude detective with a gentle heart and excellent crime-solving skills. He meets Hong Seo Jung (Koh Joon Hee), a medium who has been trying so hard to hide her psychic ability. Together, they solve crimes committed by spirits possessing people.

Director Choi Do Hoon and writer Park Hee Kang team up to lead the production. Possessed is pushed to March 6 airing date via OCN.

He Is Psychometric (tvN)

March 2019 Korean Dramas

(Image from tvN)

Teaming up with rookie actress Shin Ye Eun, Park Jin Young takes the role of a man bestowed with supernatural ability in He Is Psychometric. It enables him to uncover a person’s secrets by just a simple touch.

Helming the project is Director Kim Byung Soo. His portfolio boasts of Nine, Queen In Hyun’s Man and A Korean Odyssey among others.

Moreover, a visual party is set to unfold in the series, with Kim Kwon and former Sistar member Kim Dasom rounding up the supporting leads.

Park Jinyoung and the rest of the cast will meet viewers on March 11 via tvN replacing The Crowned Clown on its time slot.

Kill It (OCN)

Depicting the story between a man who has to kill and a woman determined to catch him, OCN’s chase melodrama eyes an exciting project for K-drama fans.

Kill It threads on the story of Kim Soo Hyun to be portrayed by Jang Ki Yong. As a sought-after industry’s best killer, eliminating his target fast and clean is his primary skill. Meanwhile, Nana plays a leading criminal detective, Hyun Jin. With exemplary records, she does not tolerate injustice.

Jang last appeared in acclaimed MBC melodrama Come and Hug Me. He has given notable performances in series Go Back Couple and My Mister. Rendering a challenging portrayal in jTBC’s remake of The Good Wife, Nana had also appeared in 2017 film, The Swindlers.

Kill It aims broadcast on March 23 via OCN.

Doctor Prisoner (KBS2)

2019 Korean Dramas

(Image from KBS)

Staged in prison setting, the medical suspense drama gears to launch the story of a genius surgeon from a big hospital. Quitting his position after being caught in injustice, he starts working as a prison doctor. Nam Goong Min, Kwon Na Ra, Choi Won Young and Kim Byung Chul lead the star-studded series.

Penning the series is writer Park Hye Ok of Inspiring Generation and Cain And Abel. Director Hwang In Hyun of Laurel Tree Tailor, Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Myungwol the Spy fame will be helming the series.

Doctor Prisoner is slated to screen on March 20 via KBS2.

My Prettiest Daughter In The World (KBS2)

2019 Korean Dramas

(Image from KBS)

Picking melodrama for her comeback project, Kim So Yeon will become the kindest daughter on KBS’ latest weekend family drama offering. The drama is about the relationship of mothers and daughters. It will focus on how they navigate through life in the current Korean society setting. It will also try to understand where the young generation is coming from on issues such as marriage and divorce.

Rounding up the main cast are Hong Jong Hyun, Ki Tae Young and Yoo Sun. It will take the spot vacated by My Only One on March 23.

Confession (tvN)

March 2019 Korean Dramas

(Image from tvN)

Lawyer for the latest project of 2PM’s Lee Jun Ho. In Confession, he will play Choi Do Hyun, a man who had a rough life growing up. He spent most of his childhood days in the hospital due to a heart condition. He gets a new lease in life after receiving a transplant.

Soon after his successful surgery, his father becomes a murder suspect and receives the death penalty. To prove his father’s innocence, Choi Do Hyun decides to become a lawyer. Confession is a drama about people who go after the truths which are protected by the prohibition against double jeopardy (a law that states an accused cannot be prosecuted twice for the same charge).

Director Kim Chul Kyu (MotherChicago Typewriter) will be at the helm and writer Im Hee Chul oversees the script.

Confession is set to air on tvN on March 23.

Laughter In Waikiki 2 (jTBC)

March 2019 Korean Dramas

(Image from jTBC)

Taking its signature theme in first season, Welcome To Waikiki Season 2 threads on the challenges of friendship, love and youth dreams. This time around, Lee Yi Kyung’s character Lee Jun Ki will be joined by high school friends in running the guest house.

Loved by the audience, the first installment of Welcome to Waikiki garnered online raves by inducing a sweet comic relief. Its new concept of youth drama was appreciated, owing to its solid and smart writing, which was powered by the cast’s impeccable portrayals.

Writers Kim Ki Ho, Song Ji Eun, Song Mi, and Seo Dong Bum are teaming up with Director Lee Chang Min to ensure that the hilarity and wackiness of the hit drama will be presented. The second installment will premiere on March 25.

The Banker (MBC)

The Banker is based on the Japanese comic book, Auditor Nozaki Shuhei. It follows the story of No Dae Ho (Kim Sang Joong), a banker and an honest man who becomes an auditor. He will fight to defend and to keep integrity as he faces irregularities and corruption of large banks.

PD Lee Jae Jin (All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law, My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol) is at the helm of the production, while writers Seo Eun Jung, Oh Hye Ran and Bae Sang Wook share the script-writing duties.

The Banker will air on March 25, taking the Wednesday-Thursday timeslot currently occupied by Spring Turns to Spring.

*Broadcast dates written at the time of writing is subject to change.

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