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Long distance relationship seems to be suiting well the love couple of Encounter.

After feasting on cute romance highs, viewers would have surely forgiven the skip of Encounter dose last week because of that extra lingering sweet kiss of the drama’s 10th episode.

It’s baffling how the taxing conflict hounding the main characters of Encounter complements the tranquilizing mood that has been limned since the drama’s first episode.


In all honesty, Encounter is for patient viewers – those who love taking time to savor the quiet and meaningful moments of the series.

For its tenth chapter, Encounter strengthens the love connection of Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk to prepare for the showdown with the villains.

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“My job is to think of you”

Catching up on the times they missed each other, Soo Hyun teases Jin Hyuk of not feeling the same way. He smiles and shows a passage from the book he is reading which made Soo Hyun beam.

If the sea’s job is to make waves, mine is to think of you.

Reunited, the two go for a quiet meal together, with the hotel’s manager diverting the guests to a different place so the two can have privacy while they eat.

Sharing how Mrs. Lee’s advice pushed her to drive to Sokcho, Jin Hyuk agrees how his lady friend knows how to share words that matter. On that note, he reveals his disappointment over the “time off” she requested. He explains how Soo Hyun’s fears of him being hurt means she does not trust that he can overcome problems they should solve together. Quickly apologizing, Soo Hyun asks him to go easy on her since she was quick to realize her mistake – that’s why she rushes to be with him.



Driving Miss Soo Hyun

Mr. Nam shows up to grant Jin Hyuk’s request of driving Soo Hyun back to Seoul. While heading to the city, Mr. Nam gives his two cents about his boss’ relationship situation by urging her to think of her own life and not leverage every decision she has to make thinking of her parents or the hotel. Narrating his old sob story about the woman he did not pursue, Soo Hyun playfully mentions Manager Kim’s name making her driver cutely flustered.

Meanwhile, Chairwoman Kim and Soo Hyun’s mother meet again to discuss about their children’s marriage. Begging on her knees, Soo Hyun’s mother pleads for another chance, but Chairwoman Kim is resolved to finding a suitable partner for her son.


Video Call Date

Preparing to sleep, Soo Hyun declines Jin Hyuk’s video call request so the latter calls to bargain for her to try new things.

Soo Hyun obliges and the two engage on a sweet and casual conversation free from love woes. Just like typical lovers, they share trivial stories and exchange mushy lines to make each other smile.

The next day Manager Kim is on cloud nine as Donghwa Hotel is featured on a prestigious magazine for its impeccable service. It turns out that the mother of the little girl who lost her teddy bear is a journalist and has written an amazing feature about Jin Hyuk going beyond extra mile as a hotel staff.

Amidst an opportunity to summon Jin Hyuk back to the head office, Soo Hyun denies Manager Kim’s suggestion thinking about how her boyfriend won’t like the idea.

Woo Suk’s persistence

Despite Soo Hyun’s polite refusal to reunite with him, Woo Suk pushes to futile attempts to win his ex-wife’s heart. Showering her office with flowers and love note, he even patiently waits for her to show up at a lounge, but she did not appear.

Over at the villains lair, Director Choi connives with a staff handling the Cuba hotel business to mess up the deal by sending an email of not preserving the garden, which is the major stipulation of the contract that made the owner agree to sell his property.

Emergency meetings are held placing Soo Hyun on a dire need to reclaim the deal. Upon knowing the situation, Jin Hyuk takes a few days off to go to Cuba remembering how he had met the land owner when he traveled in Cuba last time.

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Back in Cuba

Unable to find a way to reach landowner Samuel, Jin Hyuk camps on the house where he met him the first time and woke up to his face curiously peering on him.

Letting him read the letter he wrote, he pleads for another chance and explain the misunderstanding. He also shares his own story of understanding his pain since he is also in the same position due to his favorite neighborhood playground that will soon vanish. Samuel asks Jin Hyuk to wait for his reply in the morning.

Song Hye Kyo

Soo Hyun figures out that her boyfriend went to Cuba for her and the company. As soon as she arrived in the country, she starts looking for him in the city. She goes to the restaurant where they shared a meal together and was supposed to meet as well before they went back to Seoul.

Spotting a note from the restaurant’s dedication board, she reads a message left by Jin Hyuk asking if she has a boyfriend. Just then, Jin Hyuk enters the place and sees his woman reading his note with a smile.

A Kiss Under The stars

Breaking in to the already closed sunset viewing deck, Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun catch up on the former’s unannounced journey to salvage the broken deal caused by the paid employee of evil Director Choi.

Through a phone call, the all important news from landowner Samuel is received by Soo Hyun – Donghwa Hotel reclaimed the deal. Elated, Jin Hyuk can’t contain his success and shares the happy moment — by sealing it with a heart-stopping kiss with his girlfriend.

Encounter Episode 10 Afterthoughts

Man that was a long-sweet-we-are-jealous-of-Song-Hye-Kyo kiss! *grin Yes, that was really my first comment after watching this week’s episode 10.

Encounter has been maintaining that classy narration which had the characters engage in clear communication inside the story. Even the evil characters collude in a restrained and respectful manner different from those melodramas with exaggerated let’s-make-the-main-characters suffer to the hilt cliche.

If I may also say, Woo Suk is really breaking my heart, not in a second-lead syndrome level. But from the course the drama has been taking, his character deserves all the group hug in the world. *chuckle

This new melodrama trend that Encounter has also joined is a good news since the delicate narrative pays more attention to the message of the story. That’s what the followers have been enjoying in the last nine chapters.

The last three weeks of Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun’s story leans to a downpour of emotions – of course wrap in relaxed approach.

As the love birds of Encounter proves that love is for two brave people willing to take each other’s pain, viewers are expected to feel those contemplative nudge of appreciating little things that we tend to overlook when relationship problems seem too hard to handle.

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