K-Drama Couch Recap: “Memories Of The Alhambra” Episode 11

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Note to Hyun Bin: Viewers of Memories of the Alhambra have lined up to prove they also believe you. Can they all get that same “gliding kiss” you gave Park Shin Hye? *wink

There is no rest for the fans of Memories of the Alhambra. After leaving that heartbreaking cliffhanger last week, the hero continues to receive emotional blows while losing everything that he has because of the game he can’t seem to end without sacrificing someone precious for him.

Memories of the Alhambra

Resting on its trademark mind-stimulating narrative, the 11th installment of the series poses to solidify the connection of the main leads. Down to its last stretch, Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye have made the clever story shines at an optimum level owing to their nimble portrayals.

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Memories of the Alhambra

Goodbye Jeong Hun

In the cusp of being beaten to death, the game is halted due to external help initiated by Hee Joo. She calls an acquaintance in Granada to check the dungeon where Jin Woo helplessly tried to win the game quest.

Following Jin Woo’s will, Director Park orders to shut down the servers upon learning from Hee Joo that Jin Woo escaped the dungeon.

Jin Woo heads to the hospital where Jeong Hun’s dead body is kept. He agonizingly stares at him as tears well in his eyes.

Memories of the Alhambra

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Please stop now Jin Woo

Director Park takes the blame and hurtful words from Jeong Hun’s grieving family who believes Jin Woo killed his secretary.

Trying to look for Jin Woo who left the hospital, Hee Joo receives a phone call from him. She pleads for him to stop looking for her brother, but he is resolved to continue the quest.

Parting of Ways

Jin Woo heads straight to Seoul to order the staff to start the game server again. Director Park argues with his friend and refuses to believe in his words anymore. Jin Woo attempts to bargain by explaining how he found a special item that can be unlocked only by level 100 and up players.

Desperately trying to make his friend see his point, he explains that the quest is not yet done so he needs the game back up. However, all Director Park can process is how deranged his friend has really become.

Finally hitting the extent of his physical strength, Jin Woo faints and wakes up to the sight of Professor Cha.

Throwing slaps on Jin Woo’s face, the old man castigates him of betraying him and the company. He orders him to leave the company just like how he coldlessly banished his son before.

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Rock Bottom

Wallowing in his failure, Jin Woo resorts to alcohol after his talk with Professor Cha. As soon as Hee Joo arrives in Seoul, she heads to where Jin Woo is and urges him to dine with her since it is her birthday. He gives her a blatant no response citing they are not in a special relationship to celebrate an occasion.

Jin Woo continues his slumber fest. When he wakes up, Hee Joo is still in the house determined to drag him out for a meal. Finally relenting, they go out and eat silently. Refusing her decision to take a cab so Jin Woo can rest, he declares he is her boyfriend for a day so he will gladly drive her home.

A looming danger is being brewed by Professor Cha who is keen to shatter Jin Woo into pieces by opening Hyung Suk’s case which he initially swept under the rug. Through Hee Joo, Director Park reaches Jin Woo and begs the latter to leave the country before the news breaks out.

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Prove that you believe in me

With no one seemed to be beside him, Jin Woo wonders why he keeps falling and still not reaching rock bottom. Just then, the rain pours so Hee Joo rushes to cover him.

Mumbling how no one is behind him anymore, Hee Joo tries to straighten him out by declaring she does believe in him. Telling her to prove it, Hee Joo gropes on what he means with his request. Jin Woo takes charge to claim the last ray of hope in his failing life. He crosses the distance between them and kisses her with all the remaining trust he can give to someone.


Memories of the Alhambra Episode 11 Afterthoughts

By now, it is inevitable for the loyal viewers to feel how Jin Woo’s predicament is also becoming their real life woes. Memories of the Alhambra not only spawns mini-cardiac arrests, it also gives an addictive urge for the watchers to worry about its characters’ fictional fates.

Last night’s episode even pushed me to a lengthened blank stare in trying to think of how I can be of help to Jin Woo. To the point that I am okay if the series will draw that “it was just a dream” saving grace spin.

Five more episodes and yet there are still questions left unanswered. Ergo, it is honestly really scaring me. Presenting that side-conflict involving the real life company battle of Jin Woo with Professor Cha better be worth it. For the reason that it is hard to think how the loose ends will be tied up when a lot of main conflict’s key details are still withheld.

Hyun Bin

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Wouldn’t it be nice for the hero to summon his game powers to the real world so that he won’t look so helpless in his situation? We have been looking for Se Joo in the last 11 chapters. Hopefully, he will not be found in the last 11 minutes of the finale episode because we have a lot of questions that he can only answer.

Threading on a hero-centric story, the emergence of Park Shin Hye’s character on a stronger note signals the exciting road ahead of the drama’s closure.

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Moreover, something about that under-the-pouring-rain-stunning-kiss warrants repetitions of that same moment in more heightened intensities. That way, fans can be appeased with all those times they suffered nerve-wrecking moments while rooting for the hero. It can be done in increments or rampant pushes. But, this is totally non-negotiable and should happen as soon as possible. *grin

We have been waiting for Park’s defining moment. Guess, the writer has been saving it for last. Now, that we have seen her role as the wounded hero’s special salve, we can look forward to her brave support to fuel Jin Woo’s end game.

Will hope springs eternal for the beaten hero of Memories of the Alhambra? Will love strengthen Jin Woo and Hee Joo to beat the odds? Will Jin Woo complete the game request?

Catch up this week’s serving of Memories of the Alhambra on tvN and Netflix.


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