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Buckle up as Memories of the Alhambra begins a thrilling quest to unravel more mysteries!

As if it is lacking exciting story curves, Memories of the Alhambra has spilled more riveting revelations from its ninth episode.

Securing a message for an important mission to be done in Granada, the hero sets forth to challenge the quest given to him. Amidst his unstable position in the company, he prioritizes to take the possible chance to rescue the missing game developer, who might be the key in deciphering his veiled delusions.

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Memories of the Alhambra

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A Tale of Two Friends

Just as Hee Joo’s flight bound to Spain is about to take off, Jin Woo nabs Min Joo’s phone so he can speak with her and convinces her not to go. The phone call gets cut off so he summons back Min Joo inside his office. Teasing him of his secret conversation with her sister, Jin Woo can’t help but be amused of Hee Joo’s lively demeanor. Blabbing about the divorce paper she peeked on, Jin Woo smiles and sends her off to the entertainment agency for her audition.

From Jin Woo’s perspective, he shares thoughts on what might have happened to Se Joo, the missing game developer and Hee Joo’s brother. Jin Woo gleans on the possibility of how Se Joo tried to contact him because of the game glitch he has been experiencing. That same glitch apparently happened to Se Joo, as depicted on how dead Marco incessantly haunts him inside the game (like how Hyung Suk is with Jin Woo).

This seems to have scared young Se Joo. For that reason, he reaches out to Jin Woo to take a look on the strange malfunction of the game he created since his company has the resources to do it. Ruling out how Se Joo’s body has not been found dead after taking the train to Granada, Jin Woo is certain that Se Joo is alive.

Memories of the Alhambra

Blind Trust, Blooming Love

Putting a blind faith to the man who previously lied to her about her vanished brother, Hee Joo goes back home to wait for Jin Woo. While waiting, Hee Joo receives a call from Min Joo about what Jin Woo would possibly do when she learned he is going to their house. When she blurted out the preposterous idea of Jin Woo bringing in flowers and ring to propose – on cue, he appears and jokingly quips to head out so he can buy some flowers for her.

Jin Woo explains his deductions to Hee Joo, and how he is the only person who can find him. Surmising on what she just heard about Se Joo’s strange situation, her friend Sang Beom comes into the scene and squabbles with Jin Woo. Grandma comes in and escorts the raging man outside, unaware about the reason why Sang Beom is mad at Jin Woo.

After seeing a cut from the fight, Hee Joo tends to Jin Woo’s neck wound. Tears escape her eyes as she mutters the scenario he told about rescuing Se Joo in Granada. When Jin Woo asks why she still trust him, she responds that she’d rather do it than feel miserable. He reaches to wipe the tears on her face when she uttered how hard it is for her to hate him.

Memories of the Alhambra

Off to Granada

Jin Woo preps up for the mission to Granada and orders his secretary, Jeong Hun, to level up so he can join him in the adventure.

When the train arrives to Granada, Jin Woo and Jeong Hun get separated as the latter heads to the platform while his boss is inside the rest room. Just then, the two get attacked by the game villains. Swarmed by assassins, Jeong Hun struggles and gets defeated, while Jin Woo is unable to get off the train and also being hounded by bomb terrorists.

Fumbling on his phone, Jin Woo makes a phone call, but the bomb terrorist villain shows up and fires a gun. Intent to hit Jin Woo as its target, the bullet zooms but stops midway – because the game gets halted since it is out of Granada bound.

Memories of the Alhambra

Memories of the Alhambra Episode 9 Afterthoughts

Please don’t say Jeong Hun is dead in the drama’s reality setting. Let’s not go to that extreme, every hero needs a sidekick you see. My initial deductions on the parallel events that happened on Jin Woo and Se Joo are right. On that note, my reservations on Professor Cha and his ulterior motives appear to be threading on a disheartening trajectory.

Now that Jin Woo heads to a harsh battle with only himself to rely on, I wish the heroine joins him to make her game character Emma mark a function in the plot. I am betting Emma is a key role in the game realm. A healer perhaps? Like how she has been warming up Jin Woo’s cold character in their fictional world. So I hope to see more of her game character to spice up the already meaty and addictive plot.

What challenges await Jin Woo in the quest he mindlessly accepted? Was it really Se Joo who sent the game message to Jin Woo?

Watch Episode 10 video teaser below. Available on Netflix.

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