K-Drama Couch Recap: “Memories Of The Alhambra” Episode 8

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Deciphering the anomaly happening inside the augmented reality game twist of Memories of the Alhambra is no easy task.

Zooming to consistent cliff-hangers that leave the audience crave for more, Memories of the Alhambra makes a strong mark ahead of its second half journey.

Keeping an inventive plot and blending the drama have been key elements that made the series an amazing watch. As the plot thickens, the character connections deepen enabling the hook to keep its followers pique.

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Finding Se Joo

Affirming the truth about her brother, Hee Joo breaks down in tears from all the lies Jin Woo made and all the heartfelt emotions she wasted.

After reading through the documents of the investigation ordered by Jin Woo, she faints from the shock and after being soaked by the rain.

Jin Woo reveals how Se Joo became friends with a hacker named Marco, who offered the game initially to Hyung Suk. On the day he was set to meet Se Joo though, her brother vanished. Later on, Marco was found dead.

Hee Joo regains consciousness and coldly thanks Jin Woo. She also cut ties with him and advises him to stay away from her family.

Allies and Villains

Director Park meets Secretary Seo to discuss the truth about Jin Woo’s delusions. It turns out that allies can be formed inside the game to share points and even weapons. The connivance can also help each other out in battles. When Jin Woo accepts Secretary Seo’s request to become his ally, the game bond also enables the secretary to see Hyung Suk’s game wraith.

Meanwhile, J One is in a dire position, and the halting of the game’s soft launch requested by Jin Woo is not helping.

Refusing to believe in Jin Woo’s theory that the game nurtures irreparable damage, Professor Cha steps in with an evil ploy to kick Jin Woo out of his position. (Hah! I knew he can never be good no matter how many drama lifetimes he can have)

A message from the master

Meanwhile, Jin Woo carries on with his plan to reach the game creator’s level before they both disappeared. On his 90th level, he receives a message from Master, the no. 1 ranked player of the game. (Yay! This is getting exciting!)

Learning from Min Joo that her sister is bound for Granada, Jin Woo tries to stop her and reveals his plan of finding him through the message he received from “master”.

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Memories of the Alhambra Mid-Series Thoughts

What I think has been happening to Jin Woo bears similarities to what Se Joo has also been experiencing. They are both trapped in the game, and who knows, they might be needing each other to fix the glitch affecting their real lives.

I have a bad feeling on what Hee Joo’s neighborhood oppa might do rashly out of anger and ignorance, that might damage the already chaotic position of Jin Woo in his company.

In a way, Memories of the Alhambra is like a combo treat of playing a true blue AR game, while watching an exciting and imaginative series unfolds. Jin Woo has become everyone’s avatar in exploring the enthralling mazes of duels and tasks to be completed in the story.

Who is the “master”? What will happen to Jin Woo’s position in the company? Is there a glimmer of chance for romance to happen in the busy storyline to be tackled by the main couple? Is Se Joo alive and will he be found?

We know there is a bigger picture attached to the narrative direction of Memories of the Alhambra, and with four weeks before the culminating point, I can’t help but fear if time will be enough to achieve a gratifying closure. Because by now, there are a lot to be revealed, with possibly more that can even be added.

While I have been drawn mostly on its ingenious plot, the noticeable emotional layers have been bringing soul to the main leads of the story. Incidentally it also creates a ripple of engrossing story bends.

There was this poignant scene when Jin Woo genuinely acknowledged missing Hee Joo, who has been unaware of the former’s current crazy and exhausting situation. That moment captured the hero’s vulnerability that he can only subconsciously show in front of Hee Joo.

Having been pictured as a meek character who constantly represses her emotions, Hee Joo’s persona has evolved for the better to fend herself in the cruel world hiding behind the sudden blessing she thought to have happened in her life.

There is no other way but for them to disregard their indifference to tackle the pressing problem of rescuing Se Joo. And the faint line of that bloomed attraction without mutual agreement would hopefully blow in a romantic proportion that fits the riveting fantasy plot of the series.


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