K-Drama Couch: Revelations, Revenge & Finales Dominate The Last Days Of 2018 Korean Dramas

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2018 has already gone by, and just as we bid farewell to the year that was, so are some of the dramas we have religiously watched.

Just Dance, Tale of Fairy and Feel Good To Die have all come to end. However, we still have things to look back on from last year before we officially say goodbye to 2018 and welcome the New Year. Several dramas did take a break and did not air to give way to year-end specials and awards shows.

Let’s take a quick look at all the happenings in K-Drama land from December 24 to 30, 2018.


Just Dance (KBS2)

Just Dance

Just Dance relishes the idea of a point in one’s life when chasing dreams is scary, because you are uncertain about it. With relatable friendship side stories and romance hints, the swift movement of Just Dance has made the series an easy watch. You can even finish it in one sitting.

My weekly doses of this youth drama has had me cry and smile subconsciously, because it easily evokes those fond memories when I was once a young woman, full of passion, yet unsure of what my life purpose would be like.


Tale of Fairy (tvN)

Tale of Fairy

Admittedly, Tale of Fairy is one of my drama disappointments this year. Although the intention was there, the execution would require viewers to watch it on a binge to get the whole picture and understand its message.

Strangely though, even with all those heavy sigh moments, I remained faithful as a weekly follower instead of skipping it. But there are a lot more neat fantasy-romances to choose from that you can enjoy without suffering frequent confusions like this one.


Feel Good to Die (KBS2)

Feel Good To Die (2)

Images from KBS

Baek Jin Sang tries to make amends and corrects everything that has gone wrong. He wishes for Lee Roo Da not to remember anything since he wants her see him in a new light. But he does tell her about the time-loop and also confesses her feelings for her.

Lee Roo Da is quite torn but eventually reveals she feels the same way. The MW Chicken President and his father have a confrontation where he tells him of his grudge. They all made up, and are seen having a family dinner, together with his elder brother.

Baek Jin Sang gets promoted, and it is implied he is already in a relationship with Lee Roo Da; as she is the only one who can reprimand him whenever he steps out of line.

Overall, it was a good finale for Feel Good To Die and the drama definitely aligned itself with KBS’ successful office dramas.

Currently Airing

My Strange Hero (Mon-Tue/SBS)

Secrets are starting to unravel as we dug deeper in the past week’s episodes. Bok Soo’s emotions are bubbling up to surface as he wrongfully suspects that Soo Jeong and Se Ho are in a relationship. As a result, his actions are a bit reckless as he feeds on his jealousy instead of thinking clearly. Unknown to him, Soo Jeong is starting to realize that she may not be entirely over Bok Soo as well.

We’re also getting to know Se Ho a bit more as he reveals his insecurities. He’s feeling inferior to Bok Soo, so no wonder he tries to step on Bok Soo whenever he gets a chance.

I’m so glad that this drama exists. The storyline is revealing so much depth to it, and the weave between the three leads are getting more tangled.

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Feelings are coming out in the open in the past week’s episode. After Choi Gun’s confession, Sun Gyeol feels pressured now that he’s threatened by another man for the affections of O Sol. I’m a bit impatient when it comes to love confessions that reach past the 10th episode. Sun Gyeol lets his mysophobia get the better of him in most of the earlier episodes, and it had to take Choi Gun’s confession for him to finally make his own move. Or at the very least, to finally admit that he has feelings for O Sol.

I kind of hate that the grandfather seems to be controlling everything from the sidelines with the help of Secretary Gwon. I feel like Sun Gyeol is being manipulated by the grandfather. The problem with the company they cleaned for seemed to be part of his plan, which led to O Sol leaving the Cleaning Fairies.

Another step in his plan is for O Sol to work as Sun Gyeol’s live-in housekeeper, but then he meets with her and tells her not to develop feelings for Sun Gyeol. Whether or not his plan is for their own good, I would have preferred for things to progress at their own pace and their own doing, not to be manipulated by the grandfather.


Children of Nobody2

Images from MBC

Kang Ji Heon once again questions Cha Woo Kyung. This time it is about Min Ha Jung’s suicide case. Woo Kyung tells Ji Heon that the reason she followed her is because she feels she is about to do something bad, She recalls their conversation when Min Ha Jung mentioned she has been in the café several times, so it is quite intriguing when she asked for directions to the restroom. Ji Heon is convinced. However, it only makes him want to catch Red Cry.

Meanwhile, Go Sung Hwan, the man who initially denied being the father of Ha Na, files for custody which irks Kang Ji Heon. He tells Woo Kyung about the situation and she talks to the center’s director to have Sung Hwan agree to a bi-weekly counseling. She suspects there is a secret the father wants it to be hidden and keeping Ha Na in his custody ensures it will not be revealed.

On Ha Na’s first night, the “nice man” comes for a visit, and tortures and kills Go Sung Hwan. Ha Na calls Woo Kyung and she rushes to Sung Hwan’s place. She stumbles upon the dead body but she is unable to know the man’s identity. She is knocked unconscious and the killer places her beside Ha Na.

They set an entrapment operation to catch Red Cry. Ji Heon asks Woo Kyung to pretend as someone asking for help regarding her neighbor’s abuse on his kid. The police surrounds the place where Woo Kyung is supposed to drop the documents, and a hooded guy picks it up. Ji Heon runs after him and almost catches him, but he is blindsided. He is not able to see the face as he starts to lose consciousness.


The Last Empress

*Mid-Series Thoughts

Empress Sunny sure knows that she has to be strong with the war she waged against the Royal family. After staging a get-together with the erring emperor, she devices a way to protect herself by doing a daily social media update.

Meanwhile, Woo Bin begins the plan to exact revenge on Min Yu Ra by revealing to the emperor her lies about the family she claimed who has wronged her.

That Emperor-and-his-women conflict added thrill in the already fast-paced gripping hook of The Last Empress. I hope Min Yu Ra survives that dreadful fire set up by the emperor because I still want to see her showdown with Princess Ari’s mother.

Having a big cast means the weaving of story plot and subplots might get confusing and exhausting. Crossing the halfway mark of the series, I know more revelations, betrayals and hero-villain showdowns are in store for us.

Stellar cast portrayal and polished storytelling remain to be the drawing factors of The Last Empress. Will Sunny and Woo Bin successfully strip the power of the villains in the second half of the series?


Encounter did not air this week.

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God’s Quiz Reboot did not air this week.


No broadcast for A Promise to the Gods this week.


The seduction game continues for Hae-Ra and Tae-O. In Joon is still in doubts over his marriage to Soo Hyun, and he keeps recalling Hae-Ra noticing that he isn’t happy. Tae-O wants Soo Hyun to donate her kidney to their daughter, but she wants nothing more than get them out of her life. Seeing her daughter in person, though, she starts to doubt her resolve.

Fates and Furies is a great drama because the cast members all do an excellent job. But truthfully, the lies, the deception, the threats and the revenge can get tiring after awhile. I’m all for Hae-Ra becoming successful because she’s really talented. As an actress, Lee Min Jung is portraying the character very well because you want to root for her. But you are also starting to hate her because she is becoming capable of such deceit.


Memories of the Alhambra

I would recommend Memories of the Alhambra for those who have been scarred with disappointing relationships because the series really has a way of strengthening your heart due to its thrilling episode cliff-hangers and equally gripping aftermath.

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Priest did not air this week.

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