K-Drama Couch: “The Crowned Clown” & “Liver Or Die” Join Lineup Of 2019 Korean Dramas

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It’s a double delight premiere as brand new stories were added to the existing roster of currently airing 2019 Korean Dramas.

Just as the first quarter batch of 2019 Korean Dramas preps up for its culminating stretch, new additions signal the change of scenery in the next two months.

A mixture of thriller, romance and inventive plot lines have paraded. Disturbingly good narratives have also been drawing numbers and online buzz from the patrons.

Here’s the current titles of airing 2019 Korean Dramas which our team at HelloKpop is covering.

2019 Korean Dramas


*Note: weekend and daily dramas not included


My Lawyer Mr. Jo 2 (KBS2) *New

Less Than Evil (MBC)

My Strange Hero (SBS)

The Crowned Clown (tvN) *New

Clean With Passion For Now (jTBC)


Liver or Die (KBS2) *New

Children of Nobody (MBC)

The Last Empress (SBS)

Encounter (tvN)

God’s Quiz Reboot (OCN) *Finale


Sky Castle (jTBC)


Memories of the Alhambra (tvN)

A Promise to the Gods (MBC)*

Fates and Furies (SBS)*

Priest (OCN)


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Browse through the highlights of this week’s airing 2019 Korean Dramas.

*Covers January 7 to January 13, 2019.


My Strange Hero (SBS)

Love is in the air for both Bok Soo and Soo Jeong this week. After their emotional conversation, romance has finally bloomed for them. They are both basking in the back-in-love glow, while Se Ho seethes in the background. Although Soo Jeong tries to keep it professional between them, Bok Soo enjoys the thrill of it all.

Se Ho promises to never let them be happy together, and will do what he can to ruin their relationship. He threatens Bok Soo to be careful, because things won’t turn out well if people find out the Soo Jeong is dating her student.

This week, we are treated to adorable Bok Soo in love and adorably drunk Bok Soo. I am glad that he’s finally getting his happiness, although I still have to be convinced that it’s from Soo Jeong. I’m still on the fence about her. Se Ho is starting to make it easy for me to hate him, although his mother’s presence helps in understanding the pressure he feels.

The Crowned Clown (tvN) *New

The Crowned Clown

Photo from tvN Facebook Page

It was an interesting pilot week for The Crowned Clown. It boasts of great acting and quick-paced storytelling. I was frankly amazed with the way how Yoo Jin Goo portrayed these two opposite characters. This remake of the film Masquerade (starring Lee Byung Hun) started great.

As King Yi Heon’s reign is continuously plagued by unrest and assassination attempts on his life, he begs the Chief Royal Secretary to find a solution to his problems. While drowning his frustrations over the arrest of Lord Yoo, an entertainer conducts a performance mocking the Queen. He confronts the clown, and gets shocked at the moment when he sees his face.

The King immediately accepts the switch, and Ha Seon is living the life of King Yi Heon. An incident shakes his resolve, which makes him run away from the palace and lives the life of a commoner. However, the assault on his sister and subsequent insult from a palace official change Ha Seon’s mind. He immediately goes back and pleads with the Royal Secretary to teach him the way to crush someone.

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Clean With Passion For Now (jTBC)

At last, it’s back!!!

True to his word, Sun Gyeol starts to do all he can to win O Sol’s heart, which leaves her confused, and of course, scared. Sun Gyeol finally approaches Choi Gun to ask him for help. He later finds out about O Sol and Sun Gyeol, and refuses to leave her there.

Despite his mother’s attempts to fix him up with another woman, Sun Gyeol patiently goes after O Sol. O Sol’s resolve starts to crumble at his charms. Finally, after getting scared over losing Sun Gyeol in an accident, O Sol finally gives in to her feelings, and promises to stay next to him. This time, she allows him to finally kiss her.


Liver or Die (KBS2) *New

Poong Sang is a kind-hearted man who just can’t turn his back on his siblings. Because of this, he has raised them to be irresponsible, immature and selfish. The cast blends well as a dysfunctional family, who just can’t catch a break and succeed in life.

Liver or Die Premiere: Episodes 1-4

Children of Nobody (MBC)

Children of Nobody (2)

Images from MBC

Still reeling from the death of Eun Ho, Detective Ji Heon tries to reopen the cases involving him. His partner and superior want him to undergo trauma therapy as it is obvious that Eun Ho’s death bothered him. At the charnel house, he meets the boy, now all grown up, whom Eun Ho saved from years ago. He accuses him of being a murderer as he is the one who caused Eun Ho’s death.

Ji Heon is convinced that it is still not over as there is something in Eun Ho’s confession that suggests he is still trying to protect the true Red Cry. He continues to investigate and uncovers that Woo Kyung’s therapist Yoon Tae Jae has some suspicious activities.

In the meantime, Woo Kyung agrees to undergo hypnotherapy in order to remember her past. With the help of her therapist Yoon Tae Jae, Woo Kyung recalls fragments of her past. When she confronts her stepmother, she becomes angry and collapses.

At the hospital, Woo Kyung learns that her stepmother has a condition which requires bone marrow transplant. However, the older woman refuses as she insists she no longer has any relatives. Woo Kyung accepts Red Cry’s chat invitation. In another therapy session, Woo Kyung remembers that her true sister died, and Se Kyung is her stepmother’s biological child.

The Last Empress (SBS)

The Last Empress

Each week when I catch up with The Last Empress, I would have to say “Okay, what problem do we tackle today?”

While the fast pacing and abundance of twist seem to cushion the audience to its streaming problem-laden narrative, it also makes the drama a bit draining to follow. Story and character inconsistencies are inevitable to happen with its heavy plot.

This week, Sunny’s misfortunes continues through Queen Mother’s lead. The emperor confirms the growing attachment to Sunny, with Woo Bin/Wang Shik feeling the same. Yu Ra secures a new ally with the former Chief Security’s visit. The knowledge of Sunny’s mother’s ill-fated death takes the final straining blow for the Empress and the Royal family.

Encounter (tvN)


The beautiful lines delivered in Encounter are parts of the reasons why I enjoy watching it each week. Even with its borderline languid tone, I like how I can chill, occasionally laugh, hate the villains, be confused at what Woo Suk really wants, and cheer for the love birds.

However, the uncertainty of character movements in the story aids the plot inconsistencies. I was made to believe that Chairwoman Kim was the villain who I would hate once the problem is all out. But she just suddenly stepped back from her conviction.

We have two more weeks before the final you-and-me-against-Taegyeong showdown of Jin Hyuk and Soo Hyun. Anytime in the last few episodes, we would hopefully get the emotionally heavy culmination.

If it’s not too much to ask, I wish for a cheerful finale week; given how Encounter seems to be “happy, but not entirely happy” in every chapter of it.

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God’s Quiz Reboot (OCN) *Finale

All end well for the God’s Quiz gang. Detective Kang and Doctor Han are finally engaged. I would have wanted to see an elaborate proposal scene here, but it didn’t seem to be in Doctor Han’s style to propose lavishly.

This season allowed fans to get to know Doctor Han more. The death of Sang Pil was sad for me, but given the fact that he did murder a lot of people, it was either that or we would see him in jail.

Throughout the entire season, I was drawn to Sang Pil’s character most of all, because despite his evil intentions, he had quite a big heart, and was kind to the ones he chose to be kind to.

Watching God’s Quiz 5 gave me the push to go back and watch the first four seasons.


Sky Castle (jTBC)

Sky Castle

Now, Hye Na’s dying was something that I did not expect, and Woo Joo being marked as a culprit too. This picture looks to aggravate the situation among Sky Castle families. And yes, even now the surrounding conflict of the parents competing for their children’s supposed “bright future”, still feels unreasonable for me.

I am waiting for the final showdown between Coach Kim and Seo Jin, now that the former has successfully sealed her manipulations to a stable ground.

Any more crazy revelations to be seen soon, if there is any, I do hope that they will not over-escalate the conflicts already being tackled in the story. It is kind of taxing already when the bottom of it all is just Ye Seo’s medical school dreams. I won’t be surprised if that won’t even be achieved.


Memories of the Alhambra (tvN)

Memories of the Alhambra

It was a gratifying week leading to the finale stretch of this insanely good series. Make sure to catch up on its finale next week.

Memories of the Alhambra Recaps: PremiereEp3Ep4Ep5Ep6Ep7Ep8Ep9Ep10Ep11Ep12Ep13Ep14, Ep15, Finale

A Promise to the Gods (MBC)*

A Promise to the Gods1

Images from MBC

The latest episodes of A Promise to the Goods had been heavy on the emotions.

Ji Young’s reunion with his younger son is poignant. Jeon Seo’s brief stay with them compensates for all the years when Ji Young was away from him. It is also painful to look at it based on Hyeon Woo’s perspective, because up to this point, no one in his immediate family knows he has relapsed.

Na Kyung, although her insecurities have been amplified tenfold because of Jeon Seo and Ji Young being together, gets surprised when Ji Young thanks her for raising Jeon Seo. However, Jae Wook’s sister overhears the conversation between Hyeon Woo and her mother. She finds out Na Kyung’s secret – that Jeon Seo is not her son, but Ji Young’s.

With this knowledge, Jae Hee is able to rattle Na Kyung. Meanwhile, her father-in-law wants her to proceed with Hyeon Woo’s name change and official inclusion to the family registry. She calls Min Ho, and offers him options in repayment for raising Hyeon Woo.

Min Ho, angered by this move, goes to Cheonji Group, and demands to speak with the Chairman. He reveals that Jeon Seo should be enough, and he should not try to separate Ji Young from her son once again. The elder slowly understands what Min Ho is trying to say, and the revelation clearly shocks him.

Fates and Furies (SBS)*

The wheels are turning even more furiously as Hae Ra uncovers the truth about what happened to her sister. She is devastated to find out In Joon’s involvement in what transpired. She becomes more determined than ever to marry him. In order to do so, she enlists the help of In Joon’s stepmother to get rid of Soo Hyun. According to her, In Joon will have to lose everything he has to make Soo Hyun be the one to leave him.

Meanwhile, In Joon is totally falling in love with Hae Ra, unaware of what she discovered about him. He notices Hae Ra’s coldness to him, but she brushes him off. Hae Ra collapses in the shoe factory so In Joon hurries to visit Hae Ra at home after learning what happened to her in the factory. She asks In Joon to give up everything and be with her.

In Joon does what she wants and tells his father he just wants his shoe company, and that he refuses to marry Soo Hyun. His father disowns him, and gets so upset that he collapses. The doctor whom Hae Ra talked to tells In Joon’s stepmother and half-brother that Hae Ra approached him. It turns out that he was instructed by the pair to cover up for the half-brother and to say it was In Joon instead.

The stepmom also asks the doctor to give sleeping agents to keep him unconscious. The stepmom schemes further to get rid of In Joon and to send Soo Hyun away too.

In Joon signs the contract transferring his shares to his brother. He also signs the disclaimer of the inheritance contract. He tells Hae Ra about what he did with his shares. Tae Ho visits Soo Hyun to let her know that In Joon gave all his shares to Jun Ho.

Later on, she surprises In Joon with the shoes she designed, and tells In Joon that they can start fresh with the shoe store. News about in Joon and Soo Hyun’s breakup then goes public.

It is discovered that Hae Ra’s sister Hyun Joo worked for Gold Group, and had an affair with Jun Ho, In Joon’s half brother. Soo Hyun visits Tae Ho, and tells him she will give her kidney to their daughter in return for the murder of Hae Ra.

Priest (OCN)


Photos form OCN Facebook Page

After waking up from the dream, Father Oh Soo Min convenes with Father Moon. He tells him everything that happened in his subconscious. He asks Father Moon if the situation with Ham Eun Ho is true. The Priest tells him that everything the demon shows regarding Dr. Ham and him is all true.

Father Moon relays all the information to the Bishop Kwak, and a secret investigation on whether Sister Hae Min has been possessed is underway. The rest of the 634 Regia are also informed, however, Ham Eun Ho remains clueless about her past with Oh Soo Min.

A crippled actor, who has been admitted to the hospital, becomes the next energumen, and he sets a trap for the group in order to get the mother-of-pearl-box.

Oh Soo Min is able to get away with the box. In desperation, he tries to do what Father Moon did in his dream to get the name of the demon. Fortunately before he denounces his faith, Father Moon arrives. Together they are almost able to defeat the demon, but it summons some strength and destroys the box.

Back in the hospital, the boy, who was possessed, is back with another symptom, He tells Dr. Ham that the demon visited him in his dreams. The boy’s mother collapses, and as they are talking about the demon’s breath, a nurse and one of the patients also collapse and display the same symptom as the boy.

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